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author image by | 0 Comments | December 26, 2017
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Let’s take it back on a little video game console history lesson. Atari launched the third ever commercial video game console in 1975 the Atari PONG sold through Sears. Modern day gamers need to look back and give some appreciation to the foundation Atari has layout for us today, consoles would never be what they are if it was not for this great history. In recent years Atari has shifted there focus to game development launching console, mobile, and PC titles like Roller Coaster Tycoon.


We became particularly excited when we heard the news about Atari releasing Speakerhats. GL has a wide range of age groups in our staff and community and some of us were able to play on the original Atari systems, nostalgia was in the air. Literally “Rockin” a hat with the original Atari logo in high tech fashion was set to make the 2018 convention year a “Blast”. (Pun intended) These hats are hot items get your hands on them while you can, some are limited edition take a peek below.


Fuji Blackout Atari Speakerhat


Atari Snapback Speakerhat (Royal Blue/White or Black/White)


BLADE RUNNER 2049 Limited Edition Atari Speakerhat


Pong Anniversary Limited Edition Atari Speaker

Shout out to Audiowear for manufacturing such a high-quality product making Atari one of the world’s most iconic consumer brands and interactive entertainment producers look and feel good. You no longer must bring your boombox to the boardwalk to share your music with the world. Atari Speakerhats are fitted with Bluetooth high-fidelity stereo speakers and microphone devices that are designed at the highest quality of audio technology. Atari plans to launch a more Atari-branded pop-culture and lifestyle products via there website as sated in an early press release.

“Launching first with the Atari Speakerhat collection, will ultimately become the fans’ portal to a variety of Atari-branded pop-culture and lifestyle products such as high-tech wearables, connected hardware, fashion apparel and accessories based on popular Atari IP, as well as various audio and gaming gadgets.” – Atari


You will understand the effort put into this hat the minute you see the quality of the box it comes inside. Our first experience with the hat was great we took it on a tour through old Freemont St. in Las Vegas where we received tons of compliments. Loud enough but not over bearing the sound offered a polite atmosphere for your music to be shared in public. Those moments when you are out with a group and call a friend on speaker just became more pleasant. This hat is well worth the price at $99 we recommend it for any crowd of people who want to represent the legendary Atari Brand.



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