Batman Arkham City Walkthough – Main Story

Part 1 — Prologue

Out of the three Batman games from Rocksteady, this Batman begins (unlike other Batman games) with allowing you to control Catwoman. The thugs in the room are fearful of The Bat but should not be relieved by The Cat’s appearance.

The fight begins immediately! Press square to attack and triangle to counter. A counter is warranted when white lightning symbols appear over an enemy’s head. This is the sign that they are about to attack. A well-timed press of the triangle (or Y button) will block the attack and provide a counter without receiving any damage.

With the enemies defeated, move to the safe and crack it. Someone will make their presence known, and we get a cutscene setting up the story.

Once the cutscene concludes, you will now be playing as Batman/Bruce Wayne. You begin the game inside an interrogation room. Use the right analog stick in order to lower the camera, then start moving the left stick left and right causing Bruce to move on the chair and eventually cause it to fall.

Wait for the TYGER guard to enter the room. When the distinctive symbols appear above his head, press triangle (or Y) for a counterattack. Don’t worry if you don’t succeed at first as the game will let you try again. Unfortunately, a second guard will eventually grab you and pull out of the room.

Wait for Bruce to get up and head toward and passage with a painted letter A. The other prisoner will eventually move away, and you will be able to pass through.

You will have a short conversation with Jack Ryder without a chance to influence it in any way. Wait for the gate to open and head forward. You should be attacked by two new prisoners here. Use the previously learned counterattack in both cases, waiting for the icons to appear above the enemy’s head and pressing triangle/Y.

After eliminating both inmates, move towards Ryder. Start off by countering the third prisoner who will attack you. Get rid of the last prisoner with a standard attack by pressing X.

Make sure you’ve knocked all the prisoners before approaching Jack Ryder and press A. Another cutscene will play, ending with meeting Penguin. Just like with the first guard, wait for the right moment and press Y for a counterattack. The Penguin will retreat, forcing you to deal with his men.

In the first part of the battle, focus mainly on countering the enemy attacks. One of such counters will result in breaking the handcuffs, allowing you to use the standard attacks by pressing X. Get rid of all the enemies in the area.

Part 2 — Contact Alfred / Climb to the Top of the ACE Chemical Building to Collect Your Equipment

Ignore the Penguin for now, and find the container that you can climb onto. In accordance with the instruction, you can perform such action by holding down A. After climbing onto it, use the ladder to reach the upper balcony.

Face the ledge visible in the distance. Hold down A and lean the analog stick towards it, and Bruce should automatically jump onto it. Ignore Penguin’s yells and continue climbing #2, making use of a second ladder on your way. After getting to the top, head onto the roof on the left and listen to a short conversation with Alfred. It turns out that Batman’s equipment has been dropped onto the roof of the nearby Ace Chemicals building.

In accordance with the information received from Alfred, you now need to reach the roof of the Ace Chemicals building. Face towards it, hold down A and move the analog stick. The main hero should automatically jump towards the ledge visible in the distance and grab it.

Move to the right, then you will reach a new ledge. Climb up and afterward use two new ladders. After reaching the higher platform, press and hold the right trigger to crouch and move forward.

Approach the ledge and follow the instructions, then press the right trigger and A at the same time. It should cause Bruce to drop down and grab the ledge. Move to the right and you should soon reach a place where you can climb back up.

Move forward a bit and crouch once again to be able to move on. Use the ladder on your way and after reaching the new ledge, hold down A and jump towards the platform visible in the distance.

Ignore the flying machine and continue climbing up, eventually reaching a ladder leading to the top of the building. Look for the package from Alfred and interact with it by pressing A. Bruce Wayne will put on the Batman suit.

You will have to solve an easy mini-game involving the Cryptographic Sequencer. Start by using the left analog stick to find two green points, and spend a few seconds listening to a short recording.

In the end, track the orange area in the upper right corner. Hold down A and wait for the decoding process to end #2. From the new recording, you will learn that Catwoman is being held hostage by Harvey Dent (aka Two-Face) in the Solomon Wayne Courthouse. Saving her is your next objective.

Part 3 – Locate and Enter Two-Face’s Courthouse to Save Catwoman

Note:  Before doing this mission, I’d recommend you take a look at the mini-encyclopedia (Waynetech) which offers a description of all of Batman’s gadgets and attacks at your disposition.

Now you can also access the map, thanks to which you will be able to locate your destination point more easily. You can do it by pressing the BACK button. Solomon Wayne Courthouse can be found north of your current location. The game doesn’t require you to attend this mission at once, as the sandbox character of the game allows you to spend any amount of time you like on finding secrets, fighting the bad guys, and completing side missions. You are also completely free to choose your preferred way of reaching the courthouse. As a result, you can jump down and venture the streets of Arkham City or follow the roofs. In the latter case, I’d suggest using gliding (by holding down A) and the Grapnel Gun (RB) thus you can easily grab onto the roof edges and other interactive objects.

The more obvious method of reaching the courthouse implies using the front door, however, you will have to deal with the bandits standing there. It would be good strategy to attack them from high above, aiming at one of them and attacking (X).

Start eliminating the enemies gathered around the courthouse. It’s worth it to enrich your combos with attacks described in the encyclopedia (and known from the first game) to gain additional experience points. You can now head to the aforementioned front door.

The less obvious option implies gliding onto the balcony above the main courthouse entrance. In order to ensure you’ll reach it, you’d have to jump off one of the nearby taller buildings. The advantage of this method is that you’ll avoid the enemies gathered by the entrance. You’d have to eventually find a door in this case as well.

If you start on the ground floor, you will have to find stairs. Otherwise, you just need to follow the only possible corridor. Approach the windows and watch a cutscene with Two-Face.

Turn right and use the ladder found here. After reaching the upper balcony, press and hold the right trigger, carefully approach the nearby sniper, and press Y for a surprise attack (you can also finish him off by pressing X).

Now follow the instructions received from the game and go along the wire. Stop above the bandits, aim at one of them, and execute the already well-known surprise attack (X).

Some of the enemies will run away from this room, however, you will still have to take care of those who stay. Just like in the previous fights, try to perform counters, use various types of attacks, and try to maintain a high multiplier.

Right after taking care of them, Two-Face will shoot at you. Luckily you won’t have to fight him as Catwoman will do it for you. The ending part of the cutscene will show Joker’s failed sniper assassination attempt. Batman will choose to determine where the shot was fired from.

Part 4 — Scan the Crime Scene For Ballistic Evidence and Locate the Source of the Sniper Shot

Start off by launching the Evidence Scanner by pressing LB. Aim at the hole in the window through which Joker’s bullet came. Approach it and keep A pressed until the scanning ends.

Now you need to find the place where the bullet ended its flight (examine the floor). Just like before, you need to aim at the trace and keep A pressed until the scanning ends. You should now notice that the bullet’s trajectory is visible in detective mode but in order to determine the exact spot from which it was fired, you will have to go outside.

Before leaving the area, you can have an optional conversation with Two-Face. He’s hanging at the same spot where Catwoman previously was. As for choosing the exit, you have two options. The more obvious solution is using the Grapnel Gun on one of the upper floor windows. It would let you reach the previously examined balcony and from there, to one of the exits. If you don’t want to follow the same route, you can head to the door located on the corner of the room. A few moments later, you will reach a rear entrance from the courthouse.

Notice: If you left the building through the front door, be ready to eliminate some more enemies!

Your next target is the Medical Center found inside the church located north-east of your current location. Depending on your taste, you can get there by following the streets or gliding and using the Grapnel Gun.

Regardless of the chosen method, you have to reach the Medical Center entrance. It would be a good idea to surprise the enemies gathered there with an attack from above (but it’s not absolutely essential). Of course, remember to make use of counterattacks and dodges throughout the fight.

Once you’re ready, use the door leading to the Medical Center. After getting inside, go to the next room, and be ready to quickly press Y when Harley Quinn attacks. Listen to the short conversation with this character, after which Harley will exit the building and leave you with a few armed enemies.

Now you have to perform all the moves flawlessly, otherwise Batman or one of the hostages is going to die. Start off by pressing Y to throw a Smoke Pellet. After, QUICKLY press RB so Batman uses the Grapnel Gun to get onto the gargoyle statue thus getting out of the enemy’s sight.

Follow Batman’s suggestion and turn on the Detective Mode. This way, you’ll learn that there are four armed enemies in the building and two of them have taken hostages. Eliminating them will be very linear, but the game won’t leave any room for mistakes. Start jumping through the gargoyles using the Grapnel Gun (RB).

Stop after reaching the second vantage points, and Batman will notice the enemy with a hostage below. Hold down A and start gliding towards him.

After reaching the balcony above the enemy, press Y to take him out. You need to hurry, otherwise, he will kill the hostage. Afterward, you can use the Grapnel Gun to return to the nearest vantage point.

Now you will focus on eliminating the second guard with a hostage. Move to the vantage points closest to him and afterward glide down, land behind them.

Crouch and approach the destructible wall, beside which the guard is standing. In accordance with the received instructions, press Y to break through the wall and take down the bandit. Once again, return onto the gargoyles.

Now you need to eliminate the two last enemies, who should now be standing beside each other. Move to one of the neighboring ledges and press B, making Batman quietly land behind their backs.

Press and hold the right trigger, and approach the guards. Ensure you’re standing close enough and press Y to perform a double takedown. Afterward, you can take a look around the medical center without being disturbed by anyone. I’d suggest talking with the doctors, Adam Hamasaki, Anne Bishop, and Aaron Cash.

Head towards the door left of the Medical Center exit, in the north part of the building. Go up the stairs onto the upper platform, and use the Grapnel Gun on the ledge visible in the distance so you’ll continue climbing.

As the stairs to the bell tower have been damaged, keep using the Grapnel Gun to grab onto the upper ledges. Eventually, you should reach the ladder leading into the bell room. After reaching it, approach the sniper rifle (from which the bullet was shot).

After hearing out Batman’s short comment, press LB to turn on the Evidence Scanner. Aim at the sniper rifle and keep A pressed until you finish scanning the evidence.

Now you will have to talk with Joker. Afterward, a countdown to the explosion of the bombs inside the bell tower will begin. Quickly approach one of the windows, lean the analog stick towards it, and press A twice to make Batman jump through it thus getting out of the explosive trap. Listen to the conversation with Alfred concerning the plan of tracking down Joker’s signal (your next objective).

Part 5 — Find the Source of the Radio Signal to Find the Joker

Finding Joker’s hideout isn’t very difficult, especially since he won’t change his location and you will be updated on the distance to the target. Your objective is reaching the Sionis Steel Mill found in the industrial district in the south-east part of Arkham City. Just like before, you can either go by foot or glide and use the Grapnel Gun. In the latter case, you should know that you can’t fly through the restricted zone in the middle part of the city.

As the industrial district is located on a separate island, it’s suggested to go across the bridge which will let you avoid many attempts to stay away from the water. Joker’s Funland neon will inform you that you have reached the target.

During the exploration of the industrial district, be sure to use the Grapnel Gun often as the lower levels are patrolled by Joker’s goons #1. However, that doesn’t mean that you can feel completely safe on the upper levels as some towers are also occupied by single guards.

Gradually move south, towards the Sionis Steel Mill. Be careful when approaching the destination points as you can come across enemies with firearms on the lower level. Considering that Batman’s equipment is probably poorly developed at this point, it would be good to stay away from them.

Your goal is reaching the high tower with multicolored lights. Listen to a short conversation with Alfred, from which you will learn that you need to enter the Sionis Steel Mill by jumping into one of the chimneys.

Part 6 — Enter the Steel Mill through the main chimney and save the doctor

Stay where you are, and turn towards the big chimney with skulls attached to it. Note that you can use the Grapnel Gun to grab its upper part.

After reaching the chimney hole, a cutscene showing Batman spectacularly gliding down will automatically play. You will resume crouching on a line inside the Waste Exchange, and you’ll have to glide (hold down A) to the ledge visible in the distance.

Move along the only possible route. After reaching the partially crumbled passage, gain momentum (A) and hold the right trigger at the right moment in order to perform an impressive slide. Afterwards, move on via automatically moving by a couple obstacles.

Stop after reaching the hot balustrade. Choose the Batclaw and in accordance with the instructions, shoot it at the valve visible in the distance (hold down the left trigger and press the right). Now you have to rhythmically press A in order to open the valve.

Note that the temperature in this part of the room has depreciated so you can jump onto the balustrade and press B to jump down onto the lower shelf. Follow the only possible path here as well. After reaching its end, approach the edge and press the right trigger and A at the same time to hang above the abyss.

Move to the left, and soon you will reach a place where you will have to climb onto a new ledge. Continue forward and interact with the nearby barrier.

Walk along the barrier to the middle part of the room and turn right. In accordance with the instructions, lean the analog stick up and press A to jump towards the invisible platform. Carefully jump down onto stable ground and head forward. Stop at the place where the game will suggest you turn on Detective Mode.

As you have probably noticed, the floor here is rather weak. Choose the Explosive Gel from the inventory, get onto the fragile floor part, hold down the left trigger, and press the right one to spray the gel. Move away to a safe distance and press RB to detonate the charge #2. Now you can jump down onto the lower floor.

Start off by pressing the right trigger, thanks to which you will pass below the pipes. At the same time, note that you have reached the Loading Bay. Open the inventory and choose the Batarang. Hold down the left trigger, aim at the switch on the right wall #2 and press the right trigger to throw the Batarang. Hitting the switch will turn off the steam.

Climb up and continue going through the narrow tunnels, eventually reaching a spot from where you will be able to see Harley Quinn and the abducted Doctor Stacy Baker from behind some crates. Move on and soon you will reach a tunnel with blazing fire. There are two “traps” to avoid here — both of which require you to wait until the flame disappears and quickly passing by it.

Keep going along the only possible tunnel, listening to numerous conversations on the way. Don’t get scared as the camera will change its position after some time. You can continue moving using this view or press the right trigger to return to the first-person perspective. Don’t worry about the bandits above you as they won’t notice you. Your target is reaching the tunnel located in the west part of the Loading Bay.

Head north and take the first turn right. Right after you enter the tunnel, it will turn out that the passage is blocked by steam. Follow the hint and switch to Detective Mode #2. You will have to follow the distinguishable yellow pipe.

Return to the main corridor and for a change use the left passage. After a short walk, you should reach the steam corridor. Equip the Batarang. In a short period of time, you will have to throw a total of three Batarangs — in each case you should only press (not hold!) the left trigger. The Batarangs will hit the safety valves visible in the distance, and the objective is to turn off all three green lamps above them at the same time.

You can return to the previously explored corridor. Note that now you can pass to the main room of the Loading Bay. Stand in such a place that you’re able to attack one of the enemies standing above you by surprise (Y) and begin this fight in such a way.

Take care of the other enemies present in the room, remembering to perform dodges and counterattacks often. I’d especially suggest looking out for the ones equipped with weapons and throwing big objects at you. You can either destroy them or avoid getting hit. After the fight, listen to new conversations with Harley Quinn and Alfred. Your current priority will change as you will have to rescue the doctor abducted by Joker.

Choose the door in the north-west part of the Loading Bay (Death Ride). You can follow the hint and scan the currently unobtainable trophies (by holding LB) or just pass by and head to the next door. They lead to the Assembly Line.

Note that inside the room south of here, there are three armed enemies. Theoretically, you could reach them by jumping through the glass (or blowing it up using the explosive gel) #1, but it’s much better to use an alternative route and surprise them. Jump onto the assembly line and find the switch in the east part of the room #2.

Crouch and choose the newly unlocked passage. You will have to use the Grapnel Gun to reach the upper balcony. After finding yourself back beside the room with enemies, once again fire Grapnel Gun — this time aiming at one of the vantage points #2. I’d now suggest spending some time in Detective Mode, watching the enemies’ behavior.

Note that one of the bandits is standing alone, and he should be your first target. Use the local vantage points to get behind the backs of the characters below #1 and carefully jump down. Crouch and approach the previously mentioned lonely guard #2. Press Y to silently take him down.

Stay where you are and approach the two other guards who are standing beside each other. Press Y here as well, eliminating them both at the same time. Now you can head towards the west door. They’re locked so jump trough one of the local windows (lean the analog stick towards it and press A twice).

Use the nearest door leading to the further part of the Steel Mill, the Smelting Chamber. Note that you have reached a room with new thugs and a hostage so you have to plan your moves carefully. Start off by crouching and wait for the guards on the nearby balcony to stand beside each other. Approach them and press Y to take them both down.

Now it would be a good time to use the Grapnel Gun and reach one of the nearby vantage points. There are four enemies left to take care of, and I’d suggest beginning with the one patrolling the upper balconies. Jump down at the proper place to find yourself behind the guard’s back and silently take him down in the well-known way.

The second enemy is, for a change, patrolling the lower floor of the chamber. Just like before, jump down and attack him by surprise. Quickly return to the vantage point as one of the bandits guarding the hostage will note the disappearance of his buddies that you have eliminated.

The thug mentioned above will exit the room where the hostage is. Eliminate him fast so that he doesn’t reach the bodies of the enemies you have taken down a moment ago. You have many options here — you can either use the Batarang, attack from above, or wait for him to get below a vantage point and use the Inverted Takedown.

Now you have just one more enemy left to eliminate (the one inside the room with the hostage). The easiest way of surprising him is landing on the balcony and waiting for the thug to stand beside the window; although you could go through the ventilation shafts or reach the fragile ceiling part above the room. If you have chosen the solution I suggested, press Y as soon as you get a chance.

Now you can enter the room where Doctor Stacy Baker is and free her (A). Hear out some new conversations and note that you have gained a new and very useful gadget — the Remote Electric Charge. I’d suggest acquainting with it (Wayne tech) as it has a couple different modes.

Part 7 — Break into Joker’s Office in the Loading Bay

Head t the east part of the Smelting Chamber and search for the locked door. Choose the recently obtained Remote Electric Charge and aim (hold the left trigger) at the engine above the door. Press RB to send an impulse and activate the engine for a short while.

Note that now you can use the newly unblocked passage. Repeat the same process after reaching the second locked door. Approach the door and open it to get back to the Assembly Line. Use the Grapnel Gun and get inside the ventilation shaft.

Head to the neighboring room and note that four new enemies have appeared here. Carefully exit the shaft. The game will suggest you check-out the new offensive mode of the Electrical Charge (activated by pressing the left trigger and B at the same time), but it’s much better to stick with traditional methods. Stun the two first enemies with a surprise attack and then take care of the two other thugs.

Now you can head east and then turn north, using the door or jumping through the window on your way. Your objective is reaching the main room of the Loading Bay. Head to its middle part and listen out to another conversation with Harley Quinn.

You will have to solve a puzzle in order to gain access to Joker’s office. Approach the generator found in the middle part of the room and equip the Remote Electric Charge. Choose the negative charge (RB) and note that it sets the big hook into motion.

Keep on sending charges to give the hook momentum, causing it to hit the door leading into Joker’s office. It’s not the end as now you have to pull out the door. Once again, aim at the generator but this time, use the negative charge by pressing the right trigger. It should cause the hook to tear out the door, creating a passage for you.

Now you can approach the place where the door used to be and use the Grapnel Gun. Unfortunately, as you try to climb up, you will be thrown down by Mister Hammer and therefore forced to fight.

As the battle starts, focus on eliminating the “regular” enemies first. Remember to counterattack often, thanks to which you shouldn’t lose too much energy here. At the same time, try to dodge Mister Hammer’s attacks #2. Normally he’s rather slow, but occasionally he can perform a long jump and slam his hammer so be sure to quickly react and dodge it.

Fight until you get rid of the normal thugs and afterward, move your attention to Hammer. Choose the Remote Electric Charge and send a charge towards the boss by pressing the left trigger and B at the same time. Quickly approach the stunned Mister Hammer and start rhythmically pressing X to land some quick hits.

One such action should be enough to eliminate the boss. If it won’t do, you will have to repeat the entire cycle — stun Mister Hammer and quickly approach him. After you’re done with him, you can attempt to reach Joker’s office for the second time. This time you will succeed and a cutscene will start. You will receive the next objective (finding Mister Freeze’s hideout) only after “leaving” the Steel Mill.

Part 8 — Track Freeze’s Location by Identifying the Coldest Point in Arkham, Find Mister Freeze, and Recover the Cure

The overall idea is very similar to the one used while looking for Joker’s hideout. A Climate Analyzer will appear on-screen, informing you of the temperature of the environment. As you have probably guessed, you need to find the coldest place in the city. If you don’t want to spend time searching on your own, you can head to the GCPD building located in the eastern part of Arkham City.

If you want, you can talk with the Political Prisoner standing on the roof of one of the buildings west of the station (it’s optional). The next step is figuring out a way of getting inside the police station. It’s guarded by five armed enemies who you will have to take out one after another. Start off by taking care of the enemy patrolling the upper balcony. Wait for him to move towards the opposite direction, jump onto the balcony, and take him down quietly (Y).

The second guard is also patrolling the upper balconies, although he’s stationed a bit further. Make sure no one sees you as you’re sneaking up to him. Afterward, take a look at the square in front of the building. You should note one patrolling thug and two others standing still. You can take care of the first one now.

Attack the enemy when he’s as far from his two other buddies as possible, and then landing beside his back and taking him down quietly. Afterward, move in on the last group. It would be good to approach the enemies from behind and eliminate them at the same time.

Stay next to the gate (beside which the thugs you eliminated a moment ago were standing) and equip the Remote Electric Charge. Send out a charge (RB) towards the industrial engine. The gate has moved up only a bit so you have to quickly run towards it and slide underneath (right trigger).

After reaching the new location, hear out Batman’s thoughts after listening in on Penguin’s communications. Approach one of the bodies and take out the Encryption Key from the radio. You will have to solve an already well-known mini-game. Aim at the orange area in the lower-left corner and afterward, hold down A until you decode the transmission. Then, Batman will automatically enter the Gotham City Police Department.

The Gotham City Police Department is occupied by five enemies, and I wouldn’t recommend attacking them directly as they’re well-armed and organized. As a result, you should start off by heading forward (to the east). Stop when you see two guards blocking the morgue entrance in the distance. Don’t move in too close as you would be noticed by the one on the left. Instead, look up and use the Grapnel Gun to grab the upper ledge.

After reaching the upper level, approach the vent grate and pull it out by systematically pressing A. Get into the shaft and go through it onto the balcony above the main room of the building.

I’d suggest using the Grapnel Gun to reach one of the vantage points and afterward, observe how the enemies behave. Three of them are standing still and the other two are patrolling the room. In order to determine Mister Freeze’s whereabouts, you will have to take care of all five of them (this time it won’t be as easy). Each time you neutralize an enemy, it will send out a signal informing the others. As a result, you have to quickly get away from the scene after eliminating each target without being noticed. If one of them sees you, use the Smoke Pellet and quickly find yourself a good hiding point.

You can eliminate the enemies in any way you desire, however, the Inverted Takedown is by far the skill of choice. After reaching one of the vantage points, you have to press the right trigger, wait for an enemy to appear below you, and attack him by pressing Y. The advantage of this method is that you don’t need to finish off the enemy, although you also have to quickly leave the vantage point to avoid getting noticed. You should be able to eliminate two or three enemies using this method as long as you’re patient enough.

You can also eliminate the enemies using the Explosive Gel by spraying it onto the destructible elements of walls and ceilings. Wait for one of the thugs to approach it and detonate the charge.

Other methods worth taking into consideration are hiding in the grates on the ground floor and attacking from above. In the latter case you, however, need to remember to finish off the dazed enemy and quickly return onto the vantage points.

Your objective is to eliminate four out of five guards, resulting in the fifth giving up. Start interrogating him (Y) to learn that the Penguin is holding Freeze inside the Museum.

Part 9 — Rescue Mister Freeze from Penguin in the Museum

Head towards the exit door that you used previously. Unfortunately, the passage will be blocked by the Penguin and as a result, you will have to use the Gotham codes. Stay beside the exit and turn on the Detective Mode. Look for a grate on the floor and press the right trigger and A to enter it.

Use the shaft to reach the locked-off room in the north. Get out of the shaft (A) and take a look around the area. Choose the Cryptographic Sequencer, hold down the left trigger, aim at the door panel ,and press the right trigger.

You will have to solve a new type of mini-game, but it’s not all that complicated. You need to use the analog stick to create a password. I’d recommend starting off by moving the left stick (clockwise or counter) until the device stops on the first part of the password. Afterward, do the same with the right stick which will create the password “DISSECT.”

Once again, jump into the shaft and return to the main corridor. Now you will be able to use the door leading outside. Use the Electrical Charge to set the industrial engine into motion. Then, run onto the gate and slide underneath it.

Now you can head to the local Museum. The building can be found in the south-west part of Arkham City, and you need to get to the area of the main entrance. Note the thugs gathered by the gate. It would be a good idea to initiate the fight with a surprise attack and then finish them off conventionally. You shouldn’t have a hard time fighting them, though you need to look out for the ones carrying weapons.

Afterward, approach the entrance and use the Cryptographic Sequencer on the right control panel. Solve the mini-game by moving both analog sticks and create the password “FOSSIL.” Now you can use the door and enter the Trophy Room.

After getting inside, you will be forced to fight a new type of enemy — thugs equipped with knives. If you want to test out the suggested tactic, push the analog stick back and press Y at the right moment. It will make Batman automatically dodge incoming attacks #2.

The tactic described above is unfortunately rather risky and not particularly effective when there’s more than one enemy with a knife. As a result, I’d suggest jumping over the enemies by leaning the analog stick towards the enemy and pressing A. Regardless of the chosen tactic, you have to defeat them both.

If you turn on the Detective Mode, you should note that there’s a laser barrier that blocks access to the main part of the museum if crossed. In order to solve this problem, go right from the entrance and jump through the small window.

Approach the control panel found in this room #1 and prepare the Cryptographic Sequencer. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to hack it as the Penguin has placed jamming devices in the area. As a result, you will have to find and destroy them.

Part 10 — Disable Penguin’s Communications Disruptors

Jump back through the window and get out of the museum. Now you can head out to find the first disruptor, using the information displayed on-screen. The object you’re looking for has been placed on a balcony in the northern part of the museum.

It, of course, would be good to attack the enemies below by surprise. The difficulty in this fight is that enemies might try to take firearms from the nearby locker. You need to stop them when they try to. If one of them manages to get one, start dodging and try to quickly disarm him. Afterward, approach the disruptor and approach one of the screens. Press A to break through it and tear out the wires.

You have to do the same with the two other screens of the disruptor. It will disable the machine and let you head out to find the two others.

The second disruptor can be found on the roof of one of the nearby buildings. Getting onto the ledge of the nearby Gotham Bank building would create a good starting point.

Note that the enemies are equipped with firearms so an all-out attack isn’t a good idea. Silent takedowns also aren’t great here (except for the first one) as the thugs here are also equipped with transmitters notifying of them getting eliminated. I’d suggest taking out single enemies by using the glide kick (and quickly finishing them off afterward) and leaving the site once you’re done.

If you want to be sure you will be able to safely evacuate after each attack, you can consider using the smoke pellets — although you could also just use the Grapnel Gun to quickly return onto vantage points or the roofs of the nearby buildings.

Keep repeating this until all the enemies guarding the second jammer are eliminated. Land nearby the mission objective and destroy the machine in the already known way. Listen to the next radio conversation, from which you will learn that the last, third jammer has been placed underneath Arkham (at a closed subway station to be precise).

As the last jammer is at the subway station, you have to start by getting there. Your objective is located east of the Museum. I’d suggest flying there, thanks to which you will be able to land on the partially destroyed glass dome without alarming the enemies below.

The entrance area is patrolled by a few thugs armed with firearms, although you don’t need to eliminate them. Just wait for the two standing beside the stairs to finishes talking and go away. Jump down and head towards the subway station entrance.

After reaching the station, carefully approach the two guards on the left and take them out simultaneously. Use the stairs they were guarding and you should soon reach the station where you need to turn left and head east.

Use the Grapnel Gun to reach the upper platform and continue going east, choosing the destroyed passage on your way. Soon afterwards, you will have to run and perform a slide.

Stop after reaching the barricaded passage. Turn on the Detective Mode and you should note that the nearby wall can be destroyed. Choose the Explosive Gel, spray it onto the wall, and detonate. Luckily, it won’t alarm the enemies.

You can continue going east and eventually, you should reach a new group of Thugs #1. You can attack them from above or quietly jump down and take down two of them at once. After finishing them off, head east. Choose the Remote Electric Charge and use it to activate the industrial engine above the gate. Crouch and quickly get to the other side.

You have to be careful as you’re nearing in on the main room of the station, guarded by five armed thugs. I’d suggest using the ventilation shaft opposite to you. After reaching the exit, wait for a good moment and quickly use the Grapnel Gun to reach one of the vantage points above.

The overall strategy is very similar to the previous fights with Penguin’s men. As a result, you have to consider that each time you eliminate one of the enemies as the others will be alarmed. Just like at the police station, it’s good to use the Inverted Takedown. Unfortunately, many vantage points aren’t above balconies so you won’t be able to eliminate more than two guards this way.

Of course, using the Inverted Takedown isn’t the only way of eliminating the enemies. If you’re more creative, you can always hide inside the grates or spray Explosive Gel onto destructible wall and ceiling fragments.

Surprising enemies from above is rather risky as the small size of the room makes it easy for other enemies to notice you after you attack a given thug. Using smoke pellets can partially solve this problem. Ensure you’ve secured the station and break through all three screens of the jamming device.

Part 11 — Rescue Mister Freeze from Penguin in the Museum

Now you have to return to the Museum, which means having to leave the subway station. Choose the same route and don’t forget about having to use the Electrical Charge beside one of the gates. Soon you should reach stairs leading to the surface.

Head towards the Museum and note that the entrance area is guarded by a new group of enemies. Attack them from above and look out for the ones equipped with knives, dodging their attacks using the tactic described above. After the fight enter the Museum, to reach the Trophy Room.

Jump through the right window again. Choose the Cryptographic Sequencer and interact with the control panel. This time you will be able to approach the mini-game. Use both analog sticks to create the password.

Return to the main corridor and head west. Stop after reaching the proper area of the room and note the enemies below holding a hostage. Before trying to attack them, I’d suggest using the Grapnel Gun to reach one of the upper ledges.

If you have chosen to get onto the upper ledge, you will now be able to attack the enemies by surprise. Look out as they will be using knives, and you’ll have to dodge their attacks. The thug wearing the red robe will be by far the most difficult one to defeat as he will be blocking your attacks, and you will have to stun him with your cloak. You can perform it by pressing B.

After stunning an enemy with a knife, start pressing X to hit him with a combo attack. One such actions should be enough to finish him off. After you’re done, approach officer Elvis Jones and talk with him. He will tell you that all members of his squad have been captured. Rescuing them will become your main objective. A list of the officer with their whereabouts will appear in the map window.

Part 11 — Rescue Remaining Undercover GCPD Officers in the Museum

Choose the corridor leading west and open the nearest door. After reaching the crossroads with a painted sign, turn right and note the corridor behind the grate.

Choose the Remote Controlled Batarang, aim at the hole above the grate (left trigger) and throw it (right trigger). You have to control the Batarang as it flies, slowing time (left trigger) makes it much easier. You have to fly it through the hole and then lead downwards.

Hitting the control panel with the Batarang shouldn’t be too difficult and afterwards, you will be able to move on. Shortly after, you should reach The Gladiator Pit. Here you will see Penguin murdering Officer Best. It’s not the end of trouble as a few tough fights await you.

The first wave will consist of a big group of inmates. Remember about countering often, but also look out the enemies throwing big items at you as they can easily break your flow. You can destroy those objects in mid-air, throw them out of the enemies’ hands, or just dodge often.

Defeating all the enemies won’t be enough as you will then be forced to fight a titan-infected thug. For now he can only you a charged attack, which can be quite easily avoided by dodging in advance.

Trying to damage the infected thug using common methods won’t do any good, so you will have to use a proper tactic. Wait for the beast to end one of its charges, quickly approach it, and press the attack button three times to perform the Ultra Stun. When the Titan is stunned, start rhythmically pressing X (beatdown) to execute a quick series of attacks.

A successful series of attack will end with Batman jumping onto the boss’ back. New inmates will come in and you will be able to use the boss to eliminate at least some of them.

Apart from waving arms, it’s also worth to test out the titan’s two other skills — i.e. the attack (A) and shock wave (B; you should be standing somewhere nearby enemies though).

After some time, the beast will throw you off its back and the second phase of the fight will begin. Start attacking the enemies yourself. It’s important to look out for the titan’s attacks, especially those that are apart from the charges as he can also throw bodies of the defeated enemies at you. Dodge them if he does!

Keep fighting until you get rid of all the enemies and focus your attention on the titan afterwards. You must repeat the above actions — i.e. stun the boss (3x B) and then start attacking him (by rhythmically pressing X). Leading out successful attacks will eventually bring the titan down. Listen to the conversation with Alfred and Oracle.

Your next task is getting out of The Gladiator Pit as you will be able to reach the other hostages. Approach the electrified gate and prepare the Remote Controlled Batarang. Throw the Batarang and make it fly through the small hole above the gate (discharges can be seen around it).

Turn the Batarang left and up through the first staircase. After reaching the corridor, fly straight, towards the second staircase. Now turn the Batarang a bit down. After a few second, you should reach the switch.

Note that hitting the switch caused the gate on the left to unlock number one. Head there and after reaching the new location, examine the area on the left side. Equip the Cryptographic Sequencer and use it on the new control panel.

As you have probably guessed, you will have to solve a mini-game to create a password. Approach the newly unlocked passage and jump into the elevator.

Now prepare the Remote Electric Charge and use it on the nearby industrial engine to set the elevator in motion. Wait for it to take you onto the higher level. It’s not the end, as you will have to use the explosive gel on the fragile part of the ceiling.

Depending on your liking, you can either ride the elevator down or just stand in the corner and detonate the charge at once. Now you can climb up, reaching the upper level of The Gladiator Pit.

Head north and on your way you will come across one more weak wall on which you have to use the explosive gel. After detonating the charge, choose the newly unlocked passage and you should reach the western door leading to The Torture Chamber.

Head west and soon enough you should reach a wall of ice — as you have probably guessed, you will have to use the explosive gel. A cutscene will start, during which it will turn out that Penguin has obtained Freeze’s gun. He will also use it to freeze three cops inside the room.

Try jumping off the upper ledge and you will be informed of some very nasty handicap. The majority of the room has been covered with a thin layer of ice, meaning you cannot make any fast moves. Ignoring it will end with falling into the water and in this particular case, Batman won’t return onto the nearest ledge, but will be eaten by the shark Tiny.

Carefully head west. In order to stay as safe as possible, I’d recommend crouching with the right trigger and leaning the analog stick only halfway. Also keep an eye on the ice density meter, and stop or slow down considerably when the red exclamation mark appears. Approach the first frozen cop, Officer Forrester. Pressing A will automatically get him to safety.

Once again, jump down and head west. Don’t let Tiny scare you, as the shark won’t hurt you as long as you stick to the hint above. Stop around the middle of the torture chamber and face north.

Prepare and shoot the Grapnel Gun towards the platform hanging above the water. Afterwards, start rhythmically pressing A to bring it down and then repeat the same action to push it towards you. Afterwards, you can jump onto it.

You will have to use the Grapnel Gun again, this time aiming at one of the grapple points. Choose any north-west of here, which will let you approach the frozen Officer Whitman. Press A to set him free.

Stay on the platform and for a change, use the Grapnel Gun to move north-east. Jump onto land and approach the last frozen cop, Officer Strickland. Pressing A will set him free.

Three more officers are imprisoned inside the room north of here, so you have to use the nearby ladder. Keep heading north until you reach a door leading to the War Room.

There are six armed thugs inside this room. There’s an additional difficulty involved here as they are all equipped with thermal goggles. It makes using the vantage points much more difficult, as they will often scan them. As a result, you should even consider not using them at all. If you do decide to make use of them, you have to be very cautious of what the enemies are doing and quickly run away from the vantage points that are going to be scanned, if needed. The only exception is when you have the heat signature conceal, allowing Batman to stay invisible in thermo-vision (as long as he stays motionless during the scanning).

A better way of surprising an eliminating the enemies here is using the grates on the lowest level number one. Depending on what you prefer, you can either use them as hideout or perform full-time takedowns (Y). Other tactics I already mentioned in the guide, like using the explosive gel, will also work well here. Remember to quickly get away from any eliminated guard as they all have transmitters.

If you don’t mess up too much, eliminating enemies shouldn’t cause you any major problems. However, it may happen that one of the thugs will panic and put a gun against the hostage’s head. In such a situation, you will have to plan your next moves very carefully as the death of a hostage will end the mission. I’d suggest moving to one of the nearest vantage points.

Note that the thug holding the hostage at gunpoint sometimes turns around with him. It’s important to wait for the right moment — quickly jump down onto the balcony and silently take him down from behind (Y). After eliminating all of the enemies, you can head to the highest level of the War Room, locate the officers and talk with Officer Miller. He will inform you of the need to save two more cops taken hostage by Penguin.

Follow the same route back to the Torture Chamber. Once again, use the floating platform and the Grapnel Gun to reach the frozen middle part of the area.

Ignore the map, showing that the last two hostages are east of here and head south for now. Stop only after reaching the southern exit from the room. Use the Grapnel Gun to reach the upper balcony.

Go up the stairs and, for now, ignore the Thugs in the distance as there’s a new puzzle waiting to be solved. Turn on the Detective Mode and note that there’s a new laser barrier here. Prepare the Cryptographic Sequencer and use it on the nearby control panel to break the password.

Now you can attack the enemies who have been making fun of you up until now. Throughout the fight, you will have to especially look out for the armored one. To be specific, it’s best to first stun him (B) and then use Beatdown (rhythmically pressing X). After finishing off them all, use the southern door to reach the War Room.

Head west. After reaching the partially locked gate, start running and slide underneath it. Approach the big glass window and press A to learn that Freeze has not only been imprisoned by Penguin, but also robbed of his armor. Freeing him will become your next objective.

Approach the wall in the north-west part of the room and spray Explosive Gel onto it. Detonating it will lead to a fight with a few thugs, including a mini-boss named Abramovici. The enemy is very similar to Mr. Hammer whom you’ve already fought during the break into Joker’s office in the Loading Bay. Therefore, you have to avoid his standard hits and charged jumps.

During the first part of the fight, it’s worth taking care of the normal enemies, at the same time avoiding the boss’ attacks. Keep fighting until Abramovici is the last enemy still standing and use the Electrical Charge to temporarily stun him.

After you manage to stun him, approach the enemy and perform the Beatdown by rhythmically pressing X. It should be enough to defeat the boss. Afterwards, you will be able to use the passage which you unlocked by blowing up the wall.

Turn to the south and stop after reaching the back of Mister Freeze’s cage. Prepare the Cryptographic Sequencer and use it on the left control panel to break the password. A cutscene with Mister Freeze will start. From it you will learn that the chip which can deactivate the weapon stolen by Penguin is inside Freeze’s suit. Finding it will become your next objective.

Part 12 — Confront Penguin in the Iceberg Lounge

Once again, you will return to the Torture Chamber — the central room of the museum. Jump down onto one of the floating platforms and use the Grapnel Gun to move west (#1). Get ready, as in a few moments you will be attacked by Tiny, Penguin’s pet-shark. Start rhythmically pressing X (#2) to defeat the beast.

Now you can finish going west and afterwards, use the Grapnel Gun to reach upper balcony number one. Go west and soon you should reach a door leading into the Iceberg Lounge (#2).

Head to the middle part of the room and get ready, as Penguin will soon start attacking you number one. As you need to approach him first, choose one of the side corridors. Evade the places where the balconies are number two to avoid getting him with the Freeze Gun.

Your objective is reaching the western part of the room, from where you will be able to get to Penguin number one. Equip the Disruptor and wait for Penguin to decide that he’s going to try his luck and let you attack him (#2).

Quickly choose the corridor leading to Penguin and stop around the middle. Aim at Penguin and keep holding the right trigger. Don’t let go until the Freeze Gun gets turned off.

You can now approach Penguin and lead out an attack, which he won’t be able to dodge. A cutscene will start, though don’t think you’re done with Penguin. Before you can finally get rid of him, you will have to fight rightful boss — Solomon Grundy.

Part 13 — Defeat Solomon Grundy & Penguin

I’d recommend beginning by observing Solomon Grundy’s attack patterns. Mostly he will swing his balls (#1) and perform a spin with them. A universal way of dodging them is running along the outer part of the arena and using evade when needed.

It’s also important not to let Solomon catch you, which might happen after he jumps (#1). You can react to this by either performing a counter attack, or just evading correctly. Failing to do so will unfortunately cost you quite a lot of energy. Note that Grundy’s energy bar in the upper right corner will be depleting over time, and from time-to-time he will regenerate it. As you can easily guess, the key to defeating Solomon is block his ability to regenerate health.

In order to put the plan into action, you will have to turn off the three orange generators on the floor (#1) using the Explosive Gel. Luckily you don’t have to spray it manually, as you can also use the shortcut prompted by the game (left trigger + X).

Regardless of whether you place the gel at the right place or not, you need to detonate it using the same buttons (left trigger + X). If you have placed the gel at the proper place, the generator will be turned off, otherwise you will have to try again. Using this tactic, you will have to switch off all three generators.

Quickly approach the kneeling Grundy and use the Beatdown by rhythmically pressing X to lead out quick hits. That’s unfortunately not the end, as Penguin will turn on the machinery once again and the second phase of the fight will begin.

This phase doesn’t differ much from the last one — this time Grundy’s attacks will be more powerful. Keep an eye on his distance attack as it will force you to keep moving even more than before. Occasionally you might also have to destroy some small “enemies” and it’s when the ability to quickly throw Batarangs by pressing (not holding!) the left trigger will come in handy.

Just like before, you have to use the Explosive Gel on the generators and afterwards, detonate the planted charges. After switching off all of them, approach Solomon and start pressing X for a quick series of attacks.

After hitting him with all the attacks in Beatdown, the boss should tremble over. Quickly approach him and press X, this time only once. Get ready for mashing A during the cutscene. Ending this sequence will let you move to the third phase.

This time it’s noticeably different as Solomon will be attacking you while standing still. Above all, avoid the shock waves he generates by jumping above them. Also look out for the long distance ball attack that he performs.

The method of weakening the boss changes in this phase as well. Note that the generators keep changing their colors from orange to blue. Plant the Explosive Gel when a given generator is orange. The same goes for choosing the moment to detonate the charge as making it in the wrong moment will bring you nothing.

Traditionally, you have to shut down all the generators on the arena, after which a cutscene should start. Approach Grundy and start rhythmically pressing X to defeat him — this time for good.

Now you can finally take care of Penguin and luckily, it won’t be very hard. Running or evading often though, so that he can’t hit you.

Once you approach him, use the well-known skill of Beatdown, leading out fast attack by rhythmically pressing X. Before you is a whole series of cutscenes. Eventually, it will turn out you have to find the body of Ra’s al Ghul and use his blood to create the cure. In order to find al Ghul, you will have to follow the trace of one of his assassins.

Part 14 — Analyze the assassin’s blood and follow her trail to Ra’s Al Ghul

You begin inside the museum (in the Trophy Room to be precise). Turn on the Evidence Scanner and analyze the big blood stain on the floor. Keep holding A until the process finishes. Now you will have to listen to a radio conversation with Oracle, regarding the plan to follow one of the members of the League of Assassins in order to reach Ra’s al Ghul’s body.

If you want, you can have an optional conversation with Mister Freeze. Turn the Detective Mode back on and start looking for smaller blood stains, you should find one every couple meters. They will eventually lead you to the main museum exit.

Listen out to the conversation with Alfred regarding the drop off of the Line Launcher and head north (#1). You still have to use the Detective Mode to locate the blood trails. After a few moments, turn north-west and use the Grapnel Gun to reach the upper balcony.

Turn off the Detective Mode for a moment, as you will probably come across a couple enemies and you will have to take care of them (#1). After finishing them off, once again start following the trail, eventually reaching the roof of the glass construction.

Now you will have to move north, defeating obstacles on your way (#1). Remember not to hurry, as you might lose the trail. Soon you will have to jump down (#2) and head north-east.

Stay cautious as you might be spotted by the thugs north of here and you would have to take care of them before moving on. Turn east and climb onto the balustrade.

Jump down onto the glass roof below you, head east, and use the Grapnel Gun to reach the balustrade above. Now you have to turn slightly north-east, choosing the alley between two buildings. After a few steps, turn north.

Jump onto the new balustrade and attack the new enemies by surprise. During this fight, you have to look out for the ones equipped with knifes. After you’re done with them, once again activate the Detective Mode and search for more trails, leading north-east.

Face the northern building and start climbing, helping yourself with the Grapnel Gun. Your goal is reaching the roof of this building and heading north.

Soon you will be forced to reach the upper part of the roof. Turn east and soon you should reach a point where the assassin’s trail ends. Batman will suggest examining this place thoroughly.

Part 15 — Analyze the assassin’s bandages for new evidence, catch the assassin, and plant tracking device on her

Turn on the Evidence Scanner and scan the bandages on the ground. You need to hold A pressed down until the process finishes. Watch a short cutscene and note the running assassin, whom you will have to chase.

Head east, glide onto the next building and quickly climb the roof. You can’t get too far away or make big mistakes during this chase as it will end the mission. Keep following the ninja, avoiding any obstacles on the way. Soon you will have to make a new jump towards the ledge in the distance.

Prepare for jumping onto the roof of the higher building in just a while. Run east, eventually reaching a ledge sticking out of the wall. Climb onto it and turn left.

Continue climbing up. Look out not to fall down because even using the Grapnel Gun to save yourself might cause the assassin to run away. After reaching one of the higher ledges, turn left again and jump towards the roof of the nearby building.

Run straight, jumping onto the roofs of the lower buildings. Luckily the chase will soon end, as the assassin will stop and start attacking you.

The fight will be very short. The only thing you have to do is wait for the well-known signs to appear above her head and perform a counterattack when it does (Y). The cutscene will show that Batman has managed to put a tracking device on her. Hear out a conversation with Robin, from whom you will receive the Line Launcher.

Part 16 — Follow assassin using tracer device to locate Ra’s al Ghul

Before you is a well-known type of mission. During which, you will have to reach the assassin hideout by following the hints displayed on-screen. This time it won’t be a full-time pointer, but an indicator showing your distance to the assassin (#1). Luckily you don’t have to hurry this time since you’re not limited by anything. In order to locate the assassin, you have to head to the north-east part of Arkham City — the industrial district (#2).

The place you’re searching for is a big hole in the ground — the Subway Maintenance Access (#1). It can be found in the western part of the industrial district (#2).

As the four enemies found here are using firearms, it would be strategic to attack them by surprise. I’d suggest jumping down, carefully approaching them and taking down two of them at once (#1). Quickly finish off the two others, without letting them damage Batman too much. Now you can jump into the large hole (#2) thus reaching the Subway Maintenance Access.

Choose the tunnel heading north (#1), overcoming a few small obstacles on your way. After reaching the crossroads turn left, to the west. Your goal is reaching the place from which you will see three Joker thugs below you (#2).

It would be best to attack them by surprise. Look out for the armored enemy (#1), first stun him with your cloak (B) and then lead out some quick attacks (X). Afterwards, head west and turn north. Hold down the right trigger to walk below the partially raised gate (#2).

You should reach a tunnel with a big abyss. Choose the Line Launcher, aim (left trigger) at the opposite wall (#1) and shoot the line with the right trigger (#2).

That’s unfortunately not the end as a standard use of the Launcher won’t be enough. Once Batman starts moving along the line, hold down the left trigger to slow down his movements. Wait until you reach a branching, quickly turn the camera left and aim at the next/west wall (#1). Press the right trigger and Batman will automatically turn 90 degrees (#2).

After safely landing on the proper ledge, head south (#1) and walk below another partially raised gate on your way. Note the enemies below you and a destructible part of the floor (#2). Use the Explosive Gel to break through to the other side.

Blowing up the floor will alarm the thugs, so you won’t be able to surprise them. Jump down and start attacking the inmates. Stay very cautious because the small room makes it more difficult to dodge attacks. Start off by attacking the enemies with firearms and knifes (#1). It’s also worth to blind the dazzle the enemies from time-to-time, either by using a Smoke Pellet or letting one of them throw a fire-extinguisher (#2).

After you’re done with them, take out the Cryptographic Sequencer and use it to hack into the nearby control panel (#1). You will have to solve a mini-game to create a password (#2), resulting in gaining access to the subway station.

You shouldn’t encounter any enemies on the station so start searching for an interactive door in the northern part (#1). After crossing the narrow corridor, you will reach a place where you will need to use once again the Line Launcher (#2). Aim at the distant wall and shoot the line (this time you won’t need to change the direction).

After reaching the new ledge, look up and use the Grapnel Gun to reach the higher level (#1). Open the door leading to the Collapsed Street. Wait for Batman to regain his strength, head north and afterwards turn west to reach a new abyss (#2).

Prepare the Line Launcher and aim at the opposite wall (#1). Now you can act in one of two ways. The more obvious solution is allowing Batman to reach the next ledge — although I’d recommend changing the direction. Hold down the left trigger and wait until you get nearby the room with enemies (#2).

If you decided to change direction, you will be able to surprise at least one of the enemies here (#1). During the proper part of the fight, focus mainly on eliminating the inmates equipped with firearms or those planning on obtaining one (#2).

Look out for the armored enemy; stun him before attacking. As the fight will take place beside an abyss, you can also try approaching the ledge and throwing enemies down (#1). Hear out the conversation with Oracle and use the northern door (#2) leading to Wonder Tower Foundations.

Inside the room you will face a new difficulty. Using the Detective Mode to trace enemy movement will be impossible at start (#1). The only solution to this problem is locating the enemy with the jamming device. You can recognize him by the antenna sticking out of the equipment on his back (#2).

In order to neutralize the thug mentioned above, move onto one of the vantage points on the left side (#1). Wait for him to move away from his buddies and walk below the vantage point so that you’re able to use the well-known inverted takedown (#2). After a successful action, you must quickly move away from the place as Joker’s men are also equipped with transmitters.

There are five enemies left to take care of, and you can do it in any way you like. I’d suggest sticking with glide kicks (#1) or using the grate on the lowest level on the room (#2).

Unfortunately, just like before, you have to take into account that one of the enemies might at some point panic and take Fiona Wilson (the nurse) as hostage. In such case, quickly move to the nearest vantage point (#1), wait for the enemy to turn around and quickly jump down to attack him by surprise with Y (#2).

After you’re done with the enemies, return onto the upper balconies and approach Fiona Wilson (#1). Batman will transport the woman to a safe place and afterwards, speak with her. Then return to the main room and head north. You need to find the door leading to the Wonder Avenue (#2).

Wait for Batman to pull it together and approach the first gate. Take out the Remote Electric Charge and use it on the engine sticking out of the ground (#1). Ignore the inmate with a blade in his back as he’s only an announcement of what’s waiting for you. Approach the second gate and use the Electrical Charge again to open it (#2).

Right after going through the second gate, a group of assassins will surround Batman (#1). Generally you fight them like the standard enemies with knives, although they’re more agile. I’d suggest evading often (including those suggested by the game, used by leaning the analog stick and holding down Y) and jumping over the assassins (#2).

After the fight is over, approach the third gate and turn on Detective Mode. It will let you see that the third engine is below a destructible floor fragment (#1). Use the Explosive Gel and afterwards the Electrical Charge to set the engine in motion (#2).

Now you can enter the main part of the Wonder Avenue (#1). Head straight and soon you should reach a large gate (#2). Listen out Batman’s comment regarding analyzing one of the mechanical guardians, which should be helpful in establishing how the assassin you’re tracking reached the next room.

Part  17 — Locate more Mechanical Guardians to fully reconstruct the video data and locate the secret entrance using the video data

Just as the game suggests, it would be good to turn on Detective Mode as it will make searching for the Guardian easier. The second one can be found south of your current position. Just like before, you have to approach it and hold down LB to download further data.

Head even further south and find the Mechanical Guardian beside the small exhibition.

Downloading data from the third Guardian will cause a new group of assassins to appear. Remember about evading often and you shouldn’t have any problems winning. Return to where the third Guardian was and examine the opposite display to collect further data.

In order to reach the fifth guardian, head to the north-west part of the Wonder Avenue and look for an upper ledge which you can access using the Grapnel Gun.

After reaching the room above, look for another Mechanical Guardian and resume downloading data in the well-known way.

Stay in the west part of the Wonder Avenue and look for another upper ledge. Just like before, use the Grapnel Gun to reach it and stay cautious, as a new group of assassins will attack you. As the room is rather small, you might want to return to the lower level and continue fighting there.

Search the room in which the assassins attacked you and you will come across the sixth Guardian, leaving only one machine left to find.

In order to reach the seventh Guardian, you have to go to the central part of Wonder Avenue. Look up and note that you can use the Grapnel Gun on the roof of one of the eastern buildings.

After getting upstairs, you should at once note the last Mechanical Guardian. Approach him and finish downloading the video data. The game will play the material, thanks to which you will learn where to search for the secret passage.

Jump back down and head north, towards the big locked gate. Turn left and you should find yourself beside the wall seen on in the video (#1) (#2).

Approach the wall and examine the fragment below the cancelled sign (#1). Press A to interact with the secret panel and get ready to eliminate one more assassin. Wait for the right moment (#2) and press Y. Batman will use her to unlock the secret passage.

Part 18 — Follow assassin using tracer device to locate Ra’s al Ghul (again), and obtain a sample of his blood

Follow the only possible route heading north and then turn east. Eventually, you will reach a ladder leading to the Chamber of the Demon. Watch a cutscene involving a slowly weakening Batman and then head north.

You need to reach the big gate. A cutscene involving Talia al Ghul will be played. Batman will tell her that he wants to join the League of Assassins, which involves passing the Demon Trial. After the conversation ends, follow Talia using the newly unlocked stairs. After getting downstairs, you will watch yet another cutscene

After reaching the new location, hear out what Ra’s al Ghul has to say. Follow his instructions, approach the chalice and press A to drink the Blood of the Demon. Wait for all the walls to disappear and move a few steps forward. Listen out to the details of the upcoming trials and you will learn that you need to reach the place marked by al Ghul without touching the ground or any other elements of the environment.

Thoroughly read the instruction displayed on the screen. Approach the ledge and note the blue trail left by Ra’s al Ghul, suggesting a route you should follow. Jump off the ledge and start gliding. You will need to alternate between doing two things. The first is the Dive Bomb, performed by holding down the right trigger and the second is Pulling Up done by letting go of the right trigger and at the same time, leaning the left analog stick down.

Don’t worry if you won’t get the drift and fail a couple times, as some training is required here. What’s important is trying to perform the two mentioned moves so that you stay as close to the blue trail as possible. Your goal for now is reaching the blue crystal platform. It’s worth mentioning that in case you have lowered the altitude too much, you can always use the Grapnel Gun without any penalties. After reaching the platform, hear out what Ra’s al Ghul has to say.

The next trial is very similar to the previous one, though this time you will also have to dodge obstacles on your way and correct the direction you’re flying from to time by turning left. Keep in mind to always fly following the trail left by Ra’s al Ghul. In this case as well you’re objective is reaching the crystal platform, on which you can land both conventionally as well as using the Grapnel Gun.

A couple assassins will appear on the platform you’ve landed on. You need to use the same tactic as with other enemies equipped witch blades, so often evade or jump over your foes. Luckily the assassins aren’t very tough. After you’re done with them, Ra’s al Ghul will show you the further flight route.

After jumping off the ledge, you will need to alternate between diving and pulling up. This sequence differs from the last one in that you don’t need to reach a platform, instead having to fly to a large vortex. Fly directly above the vortex and hold down the right trigger to dive into it.

If you’ve done everything properly, you safely fly through the vortex and reach a new area, landing on top of a small tower. Listen to Ra’s al Ghul’s speech and jump off the ledge. The main difficulty in this trial is the need to fly through the elements of a steel construction. In result, you have to pay more attention to choosing the moment in which you pull up as that’s when you have the least control over Batman.

Right after flying through the steel construction, you should see a new crystal platform in the distance. Just like before, you can either land on it or use the Grapnel Gun. Hear out what Ra’s al Ghul has to say and continue on. In this particular case, the whole diving and pulling up segment will last a bit longer but you won’t bump into any obstacles on your way. Your objective is reaching the new crystal platform.

Once again, be prepared to fight assassins. You have to stay especially cautious as this time they will be in a bigger group. The overall tactic stays the same but you might try to throw some of the enemies down from the platform, which should make winning easier.

Start the last flight. This time you will have to reach another vortex and just like before dive (by holding the right trigger) in the right moment .

Note that you’ve returned to the same room that Talia brought you before. Get out and go up the stairs, returning to the Chamber of the Demon. After reaching the gate, talk with Talia al Ghul. You will have to watch a longer cutscene, during which Batman will refuse to take the new position. It will lead to a fight with Ra’s al Ghul.

Part 19 — Defeat Ra’s al Ghul

Wait for the action to move to a new area and start fighting. During the first phase of the battle, I’d suggest focusing mainly on learning Ra’s al Ghul’s basic attack — the dash followed with an attack. The universal method of dodging these types of attacks is evading often.

After a few moments, normal assassins will show up. Start attacking them, remembering the need to perform multiple counterattacks and also those connected with the blades they’re using.

Keep an eye on what Ra’s al Ghul is up to. When he appears on the battlefield and starts preparing to attack, stop whatever you’re doing and focus on dodging it. Keep fighting until you get rid of all the standard assassins. It should move the battle to the second phase.

You will recognize this phase by the fact that Ra’s al Ghul will appear in a “slightly” bigger form. As you’ve probably guessed, it will change the whole character of the battle. Start running around Ra’s al Ghul, dodging his distance attacks (mostly large shurikens).

The key to winning this phase of the battle is using the Electrical Charge, though you won’t need to aim at the boss yourself as you can pretty much use the left trigger + B combination. It’s very important for the charge to hit directly Ra’s al Ghul and not the assassin wall he’s surrounded with. Therefore, you have to choose the right moment to attack each time. After hitting the boss for the first time an additional difficulty will appear, in the form of swords coming at Batman at high speed. Theoretically, you could avoid taking damage from the swords by standing in the right place but it’s much better to just dodge them completely by running around the arena and evading when needed.

Constantly keep moving, regularly using Electrical Charge to drain the boss’ life bar. After completely depleting his life, be prepared to counter his attack.

After you successfully counter Ra’s al Ghul’s first attack, start rhythmically pressing Y so that Batman can respond to his further attacks. Successfully completing this part will initiate a cutscene, after which the third phase of the battle will begin.

This phase consists of two main parts which will keep on repeating one after another. In the first, a big group of enemies will jump out of the ground. If you manage to press Y at the right moment, Batman should defend from their attack. Otherwise, you will lose some health right at the start of the battle.

In the second part, you will have to attack the assassins who came out of the ground. Defeating them shouldn’t be too difficult but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to use counterattacks and other more advanced moves. Similarly to the beginning of the battle, keep an eye on Ra’s al Ghul, who will appear on the battlefield from time-to-time. Dodging his fast attacks is essential.

Keep repeating the above actions until you get rid of all the standard assassins. You should therefore advance to the fourth part of the battle, during which Ra’s al Ghul will change into his bigger form again.

This time you will have to dodge the shurikens and fast swords from the very beginning of the battle as well as the boss’ attacks with a big sword. Therefore, you have to constantly keep moving and evade often.

The tactic is identical to the one used in the second phase. You have to use the Electrical Charge (left trigger + B) and shoot so that the charges fly through the holes in the “wall.” Unfortunately you have to take into account that the number of obstacles will be successively increasing. Keep using the Electrical Charge until you drain the whole health bar.

Be ready for Ra’s al Ghul to appear in his normal form and start rhythmically pressing Y. You will soon have to change the tactic and use Beatdown by pressing X for a change.

You will advance to the fifth and last phase of the battle, which will take place inside the Chamber of the Demon. Ra’s al Ghul has taken Talia hostage and in order to save her, you will have to use the newly unlocked Batarang upgrade — the Reverse Batarang.

Make sure you’re facing Ra’s al Ghul directly. Press and hold the left trigger and then RB. Wait for the enemy to be successfully targeted and let go of RB, thanks to which the Batarang will automatically go round Ra’s al Ghul and knock him out. Another cutscene will play, during which Batman will take a sample of Ra’s al Ghul’s blood and talk with the furious Talia. Afterwards, listen to the conversations with Oracle and Robin. The next step is brining the blood to Mister Freeze.

Part 20 — Return to the GCPD to deliver the blood of Ra’s al Ghul to Mister Freeze

Before you can approach the next objective, you will have to return to the surface which means having to backtrack through numerous previously visited locations. You have to leave Wonder City and reach the subway terminal. Head south and find the sewers entrance. Go through the sewers and afterwards the Wonder Avenue.

Eventually you should reach the door leading to the Wonder Tower Foundation. Head south and use the Grapnel Gun to get nearby the southern door, leading to the Collapsed Street.

You should now be in the place where you’ve fought some enemies before. Choose the Line Launcher and aim at the wall in front of you. Slow down (left trigger) right after shooting the line, turn the camera left and aim at the eastern wall.

Now you can head south, eventually reaching the door connecting this location with the subway terminal. Here you will have to use the Line Launcher as well. After reaching the ledge visible in the distance, head to the main room of the terminal.

Quincy Sharp’s current whereabouts is east of the subway terminal exit. After getting there you should see the mayor being bullied by a group of inmates, so it would be good to plan an attack from above, using one of the nearby buildings to your advantage.

Note that the enemies are equipped with firearms so you have to be very efficient at attacking and finishing them off and use Smoke Pellet when things get ugly. Others gadgets might also come in handy here, like the Disruptor upgrade allowing you to jam the enemies’ firearms.

Keep fighting until you get rid of all the thugs. Stay down, find the mayor and press Y. Batman will interrogate him in a quite unconventional way which will bring new light onto the accomplishments and further plans of Hugo Strange. Now you can resume the task of reaching the GCPD building.

In order to move to story forward, you will of course have to go to the Gotham City Police Dept. which you have already visited previously in the game. As you might have guessed, new enemies have appeared in the area and as a result you will have to take care of them. I’d suggest attacking the inmates from above, aiming at the armored one and afterwards quickly finishing him off.

After the proper part of the fight begins, start attacking the normal enemies, but look out for the canisters and other big items that they throw. In the end take care of the ones with shields. You need to use the same tactic as before, so stun them first (B) and afterwards crush to the ground (2xA).

After you’re done with them, choose the Remote Electric Charge and use it to partially raise the gate. Start running towards it and slide underneath (right trigger). Turn right and choose the door leading inside the Gotham City Police Dept.

Head to the main room of the building and approach Mister Freeze to initiate a conversation. The meeting will soon turn into an argument, as Freeze won’t want to give Batman the only cure until he doesn’t save his wife. As a result, you will have to fight him.

Part 21 — Defeat Mister Freeze

The biggest difficulty of this battle is that Mister Freeze will become immune to any attack you use after the first try. Therefore you will need to use five different tactics against him, as that’s the amount of attack you need to perform on him to win.

You should perform the first attack right after the battle begins. It implies using the Disruptor, so you need to equip it. Quickly aim at Freeze and disrupt his freeze gun. Afterwards, run to him and start leading out fast attack with the Beatdown skill by rhythmically pressing X.

Before you do anything more, dedicate some time to analyze Mister Freeze’s skills. He will be walking through the room and using his freeze gun whenever he sees Batman, therefore you should often use Detective Mode to watch his movements. Apart from that, Freeze will launch guided ice projectiles from time to time. The attack is best avoided by hiding inside one of the rooms on the bottom level. Also do note that you can’t use any vantage points. Therefore the whole battle is best played while staying on the ground, maybe using the Grapnel Gun just to quickly reach the side balconies.

The second attack implies attacking him by surprise. Turn on Detective Mode and use it to quietly get behind Mister Freeze’s back. Approach him, press Y and afterwards quickly approach him once again and this time, start pressing X rhythmically.

The third attack implies surprising Mister Freeze by attacking from one of the grates in the floor. Hide inside one of them, wait for Freeze to get nearby and press Y. It’s also worth noticing that Freeze fires the guided projectiles.t They can find Batman inside the shaft and damage him. In such situations, you should quickly get out and hide inside one of the side rooms. After performing the attack, be sure not to forget about the finishing move (pressing X).

The fourth attack is best led in the western room on the lowest level. Place yourself beside the big red button (#1) and wait for Freeze to come. When he comes and stops on the flooded part of the floor, press the button to zap him with electricity. Just like before, approach him and start attacking by pressing X.

The last, fifth attack implies using the Electrical Charge. Find one of the generators in the room, hide inside the northern room, aim at it and wait for Freeze to come. Send a charge and note that the discharge has worked on the boss and attack him (X).

If the above attack was the fifth one, you will now have to finish off Freeze for good by pressing X. Winning the battle will start another cutscene, during which Harley Quinn will take advantage of the situation and steal the cure. As a compensation, Freeze will give you a new gadget — the Freeze Blast.

Part 22 — Infiltrate the Steel Mill

Before you can head out to find Joker and the stolen cure, you will have to leave the Gotham City Police Dept. Unfortunately you can’t use the main entrance as it’s covered by a wall of ice now. In result, choose the south-east exit from the main room, thanks to which you will reach the previously ignored corridor leading to the Morgue.

Equip the newly-gained Freeze Blast and aim (left trigger) at one of the pipes from which steam is coming out. Fire a projectiles (right trigger) and note that it has sealed the pipe. Do the same with the second pipe.

Now you can crouch and pass below the gate. Use the stairs and soon you should reach an alternative exit from the building. In a few moments, a local TV helicopter with Vicki Vale on board will appear. It will be eventually shot down by Joker’s men, forcing you to once again put aside your main objective and instead focusing on saving the famous reporter.

Start by using the Grapnel Gun to avoid falling into the water and reaching the roof of the Gotham City Police Dept. Head west, towards the crash site. After getting there, it will turn out the crash site is observed by four snipers who you will have to eliminate.

For starters, I’d suggest taking care of the snipers south-east of the crash site (#1). Don’t perform the standard dive attack, instead try landing behind them and silently take them both down (Y).

The two other sniper can be found on top of the roof north-west of the crash site. They’re standing beside each other so you can take them both down at the same time.

Now you can jump down and take a look around the crash site to find Vicki Vale. Have a short conversation with her and afterwards, you will be able to once again focus on finding Joker and retrieving the cure.

In order to reach the Steel Mill you need to head to the industrial district in the south-east part of Arkham City. Do not use the main road as there are two snipers on the drawbridge. Instead, go maximally to the east and then turn south, flying above the water or using the Grapnel Gun to grab one of the cranes.

I’d suggest dedicating some time to take care of the nearby snipers, beginning with the one occupying the nearest observation tower. It’s best to attack each of them by surprise (silent takedown), thanks to which you won’t alert any other snipers. If you also choose, it’s best to jump down and hide between buildings, where the enemies will have a hard time finding Batman.

Keep successively moving west, eliminating the sniper on your way and making sure you don’t get spotted by any of them prematurely. Using the chance, you can also take care of the two snipers on the drawbridge, though it’s completely optional

In accordance with the information received from Joker himself, you won’t be able to use the large chimney to get back into the Sionis Steel Mill. In result, head to the back of the building (its southern part), encountering new enemies there.

I’d suggest starting off by eliminating the two snipers occupying the towers — first the one on the higher one and afterwards his buddy on the lower tower. Just like during previous fights, try to stay unnoticed so you won’t alert the other enemies prematurely.

Now you can take care of eliminating the armed enemies patrolling the area. If possible, try to eliminate them one at a time by choosing single targets. If you get noticed, help yourself with a quick Smoke Pellet throw, followed by using the Grapnel Gun.

In the end, take care of the two enemies guarding the entrance. Attack one of them by surprise and then take care of his buddy. Now you can get inside the Sionis Steel Mill thus reaching the Cooling Tunnel B.

Be careful as the nearby corridor is guarded by a few enemies. If you want, you can follow that the game instructions and test out the recently gained Freeze Blast here, either by manually aiming at an inmate or pressing the right trigger twice. A frozen enemy won’t be able to attack you, though you can freeze only one person present on the battlefield. Regardless of what you choose to do, take care of all the guards.

Now head north and jump down onto the lower ledge. Equip the Freeze Blast and aim at the water. Shoot and note that the projectile has created an ice floe.

Jump onto the ice floe (Batman should do it automatically as long as it’s not too far away from the ledge), crouch and let the flow take you to a new area. After reaching it, take out the Batclaw and shoot the Grapnel Gun into one of the grapple points.

Keep moving between the grapple points to reach the new ledge and climb onto it. Turn to the north, choose the Freeze Blast again and create a new ice floe

Jump onto the ice and once again, start grabbing the grapple points. As you move north, it’s important not to hit the giant drill, as it would partially or (at the worst case) destroy the ice floe completely. Carefully plan ahead, successively grabbing the grapple points.

Your goal is to reach the northernmost grapple points, as it will let you climb onto the new ledge. Turn left here and interact with the ventilation shaft cover. Go through the shaft which will lead you to a new ledge in the west.

Go west a bit and place yourself on the highest platform so that you have the glass wall — behind which you should see some enemies in front of you. Press X to perform an aerial attack and Batman will break through the wall, knocking out the previously targeted thug.

Now you can approach the new fight. During it, try to stop the inmates from collecting any guns from the lockers. If you won’t manage to keep them away, focus on those with guns in the first place. Also take note of the armored enemy, remembering that you will need to stun him (B) before you can attack.

After the fight hear out Joker, who has apparently taken the cure and returned to full health. Afterwards you will be able to use the western door, leading into Cooling Tunnel D.

Carefully approach the enemies standing south of here. You will be able to attack one of them by surprise. Unfortunately the same doesn’t apply to the armored one as you will have to eliminate him in direct combat. Approach the inmate and press A to save him.

The man you have saved will eventually attack you himself so be ready to quickly deal with him with a counterattack. Approach the southern wall and use the Explosive Gel to break through to the other side.

As you have reached yet another river, equip the Freeze Blast and use it to create an ice raft. Sail west and look out for more giant drills, pulling to the grapple points you pass by.

Soon after passing by the drill, you should turn right and grab the grapple points nearby the new ledge. Sail there and jump onto it. You will now have to turn around, shoot the Line Launcher at the wall in the west and use it to reach the new ledge.

Turn north and use the Freeze Blast to seal the pipe, thanks to which (after crouching down) you will be able to move on. In just a few steps you will reach another pipe which you will have to treat the same way.

Doing the above will let you reach a new platform surrounded by water. Use the Freeze Blast and create an ice step, though only to jump onto it and therefore reach the upper ledge.

Before you is a rather complicated puzzle that you have to solve to unlock the further passage. Choose the Remote Controlled Batarang and stand opposite to the locked gate. Throw out the Batarang and make it fly through one the holes.

Don’t change the direction as the Batarang needs to reach the coil with discharges visible around it. Flying beside it should electrify the Batarang. Turn it around, either by pressing the left and right triggers together or leaning the analog stick properly. Also don’t forget about being able to slow down the Batarang by holding down the left trigger.

The Batarang will start flying back towards Batman, but you need to fly with it through the grates on the right. Afterwards turn slightly to the right and make it hit the fuse box. If you have done everything properly, you should unlock the further passage.

Approach the ledge and once again use the Freeze Blast to create an ice raft. Jump onto it and swim north-east, and help yourself by grabbing the grapple points. However, be sure not to go too far as there are two large drills at the end of the tunnel. Instead, swim to the small platform in the north.

Turn around and use the Grapnel Gun to reach the upper south ledge (#1). Take a look around and you should find a control panel that you can hack by using the Cryptographic Sequencer.

Solve the mini-game to create the password. Note that it has lowered the drawbridge and as a result you will be able to head north.

Turn right and don’t be scared by Dr. Stacy Baker, who will attack Batman taking him for one of the thugs. Listen out to the conversation with her and then use the door to reach the Smelting Chamber, thus starting the exploration of the main part of the Sionis Steel Mill.

Part 23 — Locate Joker in the Steel Mill

There are a total of seven armed enemies inside the Smelting Chamber and there’s another major difficulty connected with them. If you turn on Detective Mode, you should note that some of the inmates are wearing proximity mines. Therefore, you can’t approach the from behind and instead have to focus on attacking from above, grates, inverted takedowns and each other known tactic.

It’s not the end of trouble, however, as after you let the enemies know of your presence, they will plant mines on their patrol routes from time to time. You can’t destroy the mines using Batarangs, you would need to have the Disruptor with the Mine Detonator (you can get this upgrade for finishing the Remote Hideout side mission). If you have already obtained it, you should use it after an enemy approaches one of the mines as you’re limited to two uses per location. Otherwise you will have to avoid the mines; they’re clearly visible in the Detective Mode.

Try to take out the enemies with mines first so that they don’t plant too much of them. Only after taking care of them should you move to the other enemies, and keeping all the necessary precautions. After you’re done with everyone, use the eastern door leading to the Assembly Line.

You have to be very careful here as there’s a sniper inside the adjacent room. Therefore you should crouch for the whole time (right trigger) and don’ try jumping through the windows. Approach the door leading to the room with the sniper, look up and locate the balcony that you will be able to reach using the Grapnel Gun.

Turn to the south and look for the small assembly line that you can jump down onto. Afterwards wait for the barrier to open, letting you reach the room with the sniper. It would be good to have the right trigger pressed here as well, thanks to which Batman won’t get noticed prematurely.

Carefully move east along the assembly line and afterwards turn north. Don’t go down from the assembly line too soon because there are tons of mines in the area and one of them is beside the sniper.

I’d suggest going down from the line after getting directly behind the sniper. Carefully approach and take him down. Afterwards you can turn north and use the Grapnel Gun to reach the upper ledge.

After getting there, speak with Harley Quinn to receive the Hot and Cold side mission. Jump onto the ledge on the right and head north, eventually reaching a small room on the assembly line.

Use the northern door to reach the Loading Bay. Head east, stopping after reaching the main room marked by the game. Be careful here as there are a few armed enemies in the area.

First off you, should deal with the two snipers on the upper level, inside the previously visited Joker’s office. Go slightly to the east and stand beside the stairs, from where you will see the laser beams. Note that you can use the Grapnel Gun to grab the ledge and end up right beside the snipers.

Don’t try climbing up, instead press Y to eliminate both of them. It will of course alert the enemies downstairs, so quickly climb up and wait for the situation to settle down.

The three others enemies are best eliminated from above, but you can also use your creativity and (for example) use the Disruptor on their guns. Afterwards use the Grapnel Gun to return to the upper room, the one previously occupied by snipers.

Head west and soon you will reach a new door. After you reach the new location, a cutscene will start, during which Joker will challenge Batman for a fistfight.

Part 24 — Defeat The Joker

The first part of the Joker fight is quite easy. Use standard attacks and counters (Y) at the right time. Keep doing it until Joker falls down. Luckily that was only an introduction, as now Joker will “invite” his goons to play along.

Before we move on to discussing the enemies, a few words have to be said about the unique difficulty applying to this battlefield. There are two railway tracks, along which train cars will come from time-to-time and you should avoid getting hit by them. An incoming car is always indicated by a flashing red light. If you feel up to it, you can wait with evading it till the last moment, thanks to which the enemies won’t make it in time and get hit themselves.

The fight begins with “only” common enemies. As they’re in a very numerous group, you have to remember about performing counter attacks often. Look out for the ones equipped with firearms and don’t let them hit you too often. Also keep an eye on anyone trying to throw anything at you. Joker will also participate in this fight, though he won’t be too much of a threat and you can ignore him for the most time.

Unfortunately, the thugs will soon be joined by much stronger enemies. The first will be the already known Abramovici. Keep away from him, looking out for his strong ground hits and occasional jumps. It’s best to leave him for the end.

The second stronger enemy that will join the fight is a Titan. In this case you have to look out for his charges and the defeated enemies’ bodies that he throws. Depending on your preferences, you can leave the Titan for the end, or jump onto his back sooner (after performing the Super Stun) and therefore have an easier time eliminating the normal goons.

Continue fighting, while constantly moving and keeping Batman’s health at an reasonable level. Also don’t forget about having to dodge the train cars. Your objective is reaching a state in which only Joker, Abramovici, and the Titan are left on the battlefield.

Abramovici should prove much easier to take care of than the Titan. Stun him with the Electrical Charge and afterwards use Beat down by rhythmically pressing X.

As for the infected Titan, you have to run to him after one of his charges and use the Super Stun by pressing B three times. Only afterwards should you use the Beatdown (X).

In the end, you will have to take care of Joker by treating him in the same manner as the enemies equipped with blades (i.e. jumping above him or pushing the analog stick backwards while holding down Y). Defeating the lonely Joker won’t be difficult. Watch the new cutscene including Talia al Ghul and Catwoman. The main hero will be forced to stop Protocol 10 from commencing before he can head after Talia and Joker.

Part 25 — Scan the TYGER helicopter to locate the Master Control Program

Head towards the exit from the partially destroyed Sionis Steel Mill. After getting outside, Batman will speak with Alfred and Oracle, commenting Hugo Strange’s latest actions. In order to stop the madman, you will have to get inside the Miracle Tower, though first you have to gain the access codes.

Before you do anything, a few words should be said about the TYGER helicopters that are flying above all of Arkham City. Up until now, if one of them has detected Batman, it only informed Hugo Strange about it and nothing more happened. Now you will have to take into account that they will attack you upon detection. In such situations I’d recommend using the Grapnel Gun and quickly move towards any direction, hoping to lose the helicopter. Luckily the helicopters won’t be searching for Batman specifically. As long as you dodge their searchlights, you can pretty much complete this mission without being detected.

The primary objective of this mission is scanning helicopter and each time you have to wait for it to get nearby Batman. In order to improve this process, you can of course reduce the distance to them by using towers, roofs and other high points. Scanning can be done by pressing LB and filling up the bar that displays on screen.

The first scans will of course end with failure, but don’t get discouraged too soon and keep scanning further machines. It’s also worth pointing out that eventually you will have to leave the industrial district, as not every helicopter flies above this part of Arkham City. Keep repeating this until you find the proper helicopter and receive further instructions.

Stay beside the helicopter you have scanned a moment ago and use the Grapnel Gun (RB) on it. Batman should automatically launch the line and grab one of the helicopter’s skids. Afterwards you have to press X and watch Batman obtain the Master Control Program in a very risky way. Listen out to the short conversation with Oracle, from which you will learn that the codes will let you reach the Miracle Tower by using the guards room beside the main gate.

Part 26 — Gain access to Wonder Tower

You can now let go of the helicopter, as it would just continue flying through the area. The Wonder Tower you’re looking for can be found in the western part of Arkham City (beside the subway station to be precise). You need to stay careful while going there, as you can still get attacked by TYGER helicopters. You have to properly react to such situations, quickly changing location and using buildings and other objects as cover. After reaching the destination, land on the roof of one of the nearby buildings and note that the entrance gate is guarded by two snipers.

It would be good to attack those snipers by surprise. In order to do that, I’d suggest firstly getting above them, then carefully jumping down and approaching each of them from behind by performing a silent takedown.

Stay on the balcony on which the snipers were and look around for a control panel you can hack into using the Cryptographic Sequencer.

Choose the only possible corridor and eventually you will reach the Arkham City Processing Center, opening a passage using the Electrical Charge on your way. After reaching the new room, glide onto the lower balcony.

Here you can look for another locked passage and once again use the Remote Electric Charge. Head north and soon you will reach a new room. Here you will encounter a new kind of enemy — TYGER guards equipped with stun sticks.

You can of course attack the first enemy from above, but the other enemies will require a special tactic to handle. You have to press A twice to jump above a guard to disorient him and afterwards quickly press X to attack him. Try attacking the guards one at a time and evade when getting electrocuted seems inevitable.

Continue using the above tactic until you take care of all the guard with stun sticks. Afterwards, listen to what Hugo Strange has to say and prepare for a slightly harder fight.

The main difficulty of this fight is having to handle a few types of enemies at once, so you will have to keep in mind all the best tactic described in this guide and suggested by the game. I’d especially suggest focusing on the enemies with firearms (remember that anyone can pick a dropped gun from the ground!) and guards with stun sticks (A, A, X button combination), who debuted a few moments ago.

Of course, you can’t ignore other enemies in this room, leading out successful counterattack. You also have to keep an eye on the ones throwing various objects at Batman, as each hit will not only deal damage, but also throw you out of rhythm. It’s only worth to make an exception for the ones throwing extinguishers, as destroying it will blind the enemies (Batman will automatically switch to Detective Mode).

Also don’t forget about enemies with blades. I’d recommend leaving the armored guard (B followed by repeatedly pressing X) and shielded guard (B and afterwards A twice) for the end.

After the fight, listen to Hugo Strange’s comment and talk with the saved political prisoners. Take a look around the room and interact with the hatch in the ground to get into the sewers and reach the Collapsed Streets.

Head east, eventually jumping onto the lower level. Your goal is reaching the partially flooded area behind the destroyed buildings. Stand so that you have to south wall in front of you and use the Line Launcher on it.

Right after the ride begins you should slow down (left trigger) and turn towards the north-east corner and shoot the line there. You will recognize the place by the distinctive Riddle trophy found there. Look up and note the niche you can grab onto.

Move right, passing by the corner and jumping onto the new ledge in the eastern part of the Collapsed Streets. Move a bit further east, turn on the Detective Mode, search for a destructible floor fragment and spray the Explosive Gel onto it. Detonate, go down, and choose the door leading to the Wonder Tower Foundations.

Part 27 — Climb the observation tower to stop Protocol 10

Talk with Fiona Wilson, who will tell you that since your last visit, the TYGER guards have taken over the tower. Start off by suing the Grapnel Gun to reach the nearest vantage point. There are eight enemies inside the room in total; three of them are snipers and they’re the ones you should take care of first.

Start off by heading onto the vantage points on the left (#1). Afterwards glide towards the first sniper patrolling the north-east corner of the room. Don’t glide kick him as it would alarm the whole room. Instead, land behind him.

Move-in on the first sniper mentioned above and silently take him down. Now you will have to act quick so you can eliminate the two other snipers before the enemies learn about it. You can use the fact that Hugo Strange won’t be able to inform his goons that they’re under attack until he doesn’t officially end his speech. The second sniper is quite nearby to the south.

After eliminating the second sniper, head even further to the south but don’t walk through the mined south-east corner. Instead, turn right and use the stairs. Wait for the third and last sniper above you to turn to around and go up the left stairs, therefore returning onto the upper balcony.

Now you can safely approach the third sniper and eliminate him. Afterwards, take care of the five other enemies, who will be easy to neutralize without the sniper around.

Just like with the recent battle, you have to take into account that some enemies are equipped with proximity mines and they plant them from time to time. It’s worth to upgrade the Disruptor so that you’re able to remotely detonate the mines, though you can also stick with the traditional methods and attack from above (look out for the thermal goggles!), using the grates on the lowest lever or using your gadgets. You have already secured this room previously in the game so you shouldn’t have a hard time navigating through it.

After securing the area, examine the middle part of the upper balconies to find an elevator entrance. Use the Cryptographic Sequencer on the control panel right of the elevator entrance and create a password (OBSESSIONS).

Now you can enter the elevator. You will have to once again use the Cryptographic Sequencer (the panel is inside the elevator) and create yet another password (MEDICATION). Wait for the elevator to take you to the upper level of the Miracle Tower and get ready for action.

You have to quickly get out of the elevator, as the enemies on this level are expecting Batman’s arrival and plan on opening fire when only the elevator open. Look up and use the Grapnel Gun. Carefully go forward and note that you’re above the enemy units.

Glide forward and turn around to get behind the enemies’ backs. You can act in multiple ways here — i.e. silently taking out one of the enemies or using the Disruptor on the guns. If you only have the chance, I’d recommend using the Freeze Cluster to immobilize the enemies (you receive it for completing the Hot and Cold side mission).

Regardless of whether you have used the Freeze Cluster or not, your absolute priority is attacking the enemies equipped with firearms, who you should at least once blind with the Smoke Pellet. Only after eliminating them should you focus on the others, especially the ones with stun sticks. Traditionally leave the armored one for the end.

After you’re done, take out the Cryptographic Sequencer and hack the panel in the west corner (SAFEGUARDING).

Now you will be able to use the new passage, which will take you north. After a few moments you will have to drop down by, as you probably remember well, pressing the right rigger and A. Move right and don’t let go of the cornice.

Stop after reaching the place where below you can see a little platform (north wall of the tower) with an extension arm attached to it. Let go and look up. You have to use the Grapnel Gun to reach the platform on the upper level.

After getting up turn left and jump towards the extension arm in front of you. Afterwards pull up, turn right and head forward.

Now you will have to go round the whole Miracle Tower. Be careful, as one of the TYGER helicopters flying in the area might shoot a missile at you. In such case you must quickly back out, so that the missile hits the building and not Batman. Stop after reaching the western wall of the tower.

Look up and once again use the Grapnel Gun, this time to grab onto the extension arm above. Carefully move to its end, turn left and use the Grapnel Gun to grab the upper part of the steel construction.

Head towards the bigger platform, therefore ending the first part of the climb. Go left and after reaching the elevator shaft dive onto the lower platform in front of you.

Head right and eventually you will reach a spot where you will have to start climbing up again. Turn around and use the Grapnel Gun to reach the upper part of the construction.

Head forward and afterwards left, reaching the northern wall of the Miracle Tower. Look up and find the interactive platform which you will be able to grab using the Grapnel Gun. Climb up and note that you’ve reached a floor with a new elevator.

Take a look around the room to find a control panel and of course hack it using the Cryptographic Sequencer. The password is MAINTENANCE.

A short hint on the next step will be displayed. Look up and use the Grapnel Gun to grab the ledge above you, thanks to which you will reach the Security Control Center. Keep following the only possible corridor and eventually you should reach a place where you can jump into a ventilation shaft.

The shaft can take you to two different places. If you decide to choose the branch on the same level, upon reaching the Security Control Center you will be inside one of the grates in the floor.

If you decide to follow the branch leading down, you will reach an exit in the building wall and after unlocking it you will be able to jump onto one of the outer balconies.

In order to complete finish the current objective, you will need to take care of all the enemies here, though there will be one additional difficulty here. In the middle part of the Security Control Center there’s a room inside of which is Hugo Strange. If he notices you, he will inform all the guards of your presence. Luckily Strange’s moves can be easily predicted and running to a safe place isn’t that challenging either.

The guards inside the Security Control Center can be eliminated in a variety of ways. The easiest is surprising them by hiding inside the grates in the floor or approaching them from behind with silent takeouts.

Note that the vantage points are outside the building so it’s best to use them as well as the numerous balconies mainly for escaping when Batman gets spotted as well as for waiting for a good moment to sneak up on a guard from behind. Eliminate all the enemies to continue.

Now you can head onto the upper balconies and look for the entrance to the control room in which Hugo Strange is hiding. Use the Cryptographic Sequencer on the control panel and create the password GOTHAMSAVIOR.

A long cutscene with Hugo Strange and Ra’s al Ghul will start and end with a bang. Afterwards listen out to a conversation with the Oracle and watch Joker’s message. As you have probably guessed, your next objective is rescuing Talia al Ghul from Joker.

Part 27 —  Follow tracker to save Talia from Joker

In order to find Joker’s latest hideout, you will once again use the tracking device. Talia al Ghul is being held inside a theatre in the western part of Arkham City (nearby Ace Chemicals). You can recognize this area by the fact that it’s whole monitored by snipers (#2), who you will have to carefully eliminate. I’d suggest taking care of them in the order written below, this way you won’t get in sight of any of them too quick. That doesn’t mean you can approach them carelessly.

I’d suggest starting with the sniper on the roof south the theatre entrance. It would be good to approach him from the south, using the fact that it’s mostly covered by a building.

Go slightly to the north, eliminating a sniper in front of you. He’s standing above the entrance, so make sure you don’t jump down after eliminating him or you’d end up targeted by all the others.

Move away from your current destination and locate the sniper patrolling the area west of the theatre building. As he’s standing on a rather small platform, you could lower yourself behind him and throw him down by pressing Y. Don’t move for a moment after getting rid of him, making sure no one else is looking in your direction.

Now I’d suggest approaching the sniper standing on the roof of the left building, the one north-west of the theatre.

In order to reach the next sniper, you will have to return east. He’s north of the theatre building and eliminating him earlier on would probably cause one of the previously eliminated enemies to notice you.

The next sniper is standing on the roof of the building located south-west of the theatre. You should approach him from the west and at the same time avoid using the main street, traveling along roofs and gliding.

Now head straight east and very soon you will come across yet another sniper.

The last of the snipers standing on roofs can be found north of here, to the north-west of the theatre building.

Now you will only have to eliminate the two snipers standing beside the theatre entrance. I’d suggest attacking one of them from above, though you could also make some preparations and use the Disruptor or Reverse Batarang.

Upon landing, quickly attack the second sniper before he can shoot at Batman. Afterwards you can use the main door leading into the theatre.

Part 28 — Get the cure from Joker and stop him from becoming immortal

After getting inside you will see a long cutscene, explaining the previous performances including the miraculously cured Joker and showing the death of Talia al Ghul. Curiously, your final enemy won’t be Joker … but Clayface.

Traditionally, it would be good to start with an analysis of Clayface’s main offensive skills. He will mostly try to attack you from a distance and depending on the kind of attack he uses you should either evade or perform a counter (Y).

Also try to avoid dodge his jumps, escaping from where he’ll presumably land.

Clayface can be attacked in two main ways. The first implies using the Freeze Blast and it’s worth noticing that you won’t have to manually aim at the boss as you can also press the right trigger twice. Each hit will take a small part of Clayface’s health bar.

A much better way of weakening Clayface is standing in the corners of the room, where the explosive materials are. Wait for Clayface to morph into a large ball and starts rolling towards you. Dodge in the right moment and Clayface will roll into the explosives, causing it to explode.

You have to lead to a situation in which Clayface’s is almost fully depleted. Continue attacking using the Freeze Blast until you manage to freeze him for a bit.

Quickly approach him and press A to grab the sword. Afterwards keep repeatedly pressing X for Batman to attack with the blade. Keep doing in until you advance to the second stage of the battle and the boss’ energy will refill.

During this part of the battle you will have to dodge not only Clayface’s old attacks, but also a couple new types. Most of all, the boss will throw clay projectiles at you. Depending on the type, you have to either jump above them or crouch and wait for them to fly above Batman. Apart from that, look out for his attempts to crush you, jump aside fast enough to avoid them.

You have to damage Clayface using the method as before. If there are any explosives left in one of the corners, you can use them as well. In case you’ve used them all up, focus on attacking with the Freeze Blast. It’s also worth to consider using the Freeze Cluster, of course if you have such in your equipment.

Just like before, you need to keep attacking until you drain of all the boss’ health and therefore freeze him. Approach Clayface and press A to grab the sword. Afterwards start attacking, making him gradually break up into smaller pieces. Another cutscene will start and you will advance to the third and last phase of the battle.

The tactic will completely change during this phase. Start fighting the clay monsters, remembering about countering often. Note that eliminating them makes the orange health bar to melt down.

The boss will appear himself once you drain the whole orange part of the health bar. Use this chance to attack him, using the Freeze Blast for best effect.

Clayface will eventually melt down and you will have to fight the clay monster again. You need to do exactly the same things as above, so eliminate all the clay enemies and start using ice attacks once Clayface appears.

Using this tactic you will gradually drain the blue part of Clayface’s health bar. Eventually, after you completely deprive him of energy, he will freeze. Quickly run to him and press A to get the cure.

Now some cutscenes will play, including numerous surprising moments to conclude the finale.

Congratulations! You have just finished the main story!

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