Battle Shapers 0.3.0 Unleashes the Stormscraper: A New Challenge Awaits!

Metric Empire's Latest Update Revolutionizes the Roguelite FPS Realm

Metric Empire Strikes Again with a Game-Changing Update

In a move that’s set to shake up the roguelite FPS scene, Metric Empire has rolled out a significant update to their hit title Battle Shapers. The freshly released 0.3.0 update, aptly dubbed the Stormscraper Update, is packed with electrifying new content that promises to revitalize the gaming experience for fans and newcomers alike.

Introducing the Stormscraper: A Tower of Power

At the heart of this update is the Stormscraper, a new tower that beckons players to embark on a mission to cleanse its corrupted halls. Once a beacon of energy in New Elysium, the Stormscraper has fallen under the dark influence of the Overlords. Gamers are tasked with navigating this high-tech biome, battling corruption, and unearthing hidden ciphers to bring salvation to New Elysium. This addition not only extends the duration of runs but also ramps up the challenge with the possibility of conquering three towers in a single run.

Arsenal Expansion: Havoc Hammer, Megaton, and Arc Flash

Battle Shapers’ armory receives a significant boost with three new weapons. The Havoc Hammer, a first-of-its-kind throwable weapon in the game, lets players hurl a massive kinetic hammer to deal heavy damage and create space in tight situations. The Megaton, a kinetic rocket launcher with a twist, fires imploding rockets that cluster enemies together, setting them up for devastating group attacks. Lastly, the Arc Flash, a burst-fire gun, releases Shock bubbles that stick to enemies and detonate after a delay, proving lethal within its effective range.

New Abilities: Thermite Clusterbombs and Scatterblast Turret

To further enhance player strategies, two new abilities have been added. The Thermite Clusterbombs, a pyrotechnic delight, allow players to unleash five grenades simultaneously, engulfing large areas or dealing concentrated damage to a single target. Meanwhile, the Scatterblast Turret offers a tactical advantage against hordes of enemy bots, firing small Vibro bullets in a wave-like pattern to manage grouped adversaries efficiently.

Metric Empire’s latest update to Battle Shapers, with its innovative new tower, weapons, and abilities, marks a significant leap forward in the roguelite FPS genre. Players can look forward to an enhanced gaming experience filled with new challenges and tactical possibilities.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows

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