Skater XL Grinds Onto Switch: Easy Day Studios Drops Release Dates and Trailer

Nintendo Switch Gamers Ready to Kickflip into the Holidays with Skater XL

Switch Up Your Game Style: Skater XL Hits Nintendo Consoles

Easy Day Studios is gearing up to add some kickflips and grinds to the holiday season for Nintendo fans. The studio is stoked to announce that Skater XL, a game that’s all about chilling and skillful skating, is set to drop onto Nintendo Switch. Gamers, get ready to switch up your gaming sessions with some smooth skateboarding action.

Release Dates and Editions: Mark Your Calendars

Heads up, gamers! Skater XL is making its big entrance on December 5th in North America. Not in NA? No sweat! The EU and AU regions aren’t far behind, with the game rolling out on December 12th. Whether you’re a fan of keeping it digital or you like the feel of a physical copy in your hands, Easy Day Studios has got you covered. Both physical and digital editions of Skater XL will be available for purchase, so choose your style and get ready to shred.

Skate in Style: 60 FPS Gameplay on Switch

The latest trailer from Easy Day Studios is not just hype. It showcases the buttery-smooth 60 FPS visual quality of Skater XL on the Switch. That’s right, no choppy frames here – just lean-back vibes and crisp visuals. Nintendo gamers are in for a treat this holiday season with a skating experience that’s both relaxed and visually stunning.

Price Point and Availability

Get your wallets ready! Skater XL will be available for Nintendo Switch at a cool price of $39.99. Head over to the Nintendo eShop to snag your digital copy, or hit up your favorite retail stores for the physical edition. Either way, it’s time to add a new game to your holiday wishlist.

Keep an eye out for Skater XL hitting the shelves and the Nintendo eShop. Whether you’re looking to chill with a laid-back skate session or you’re all about mastering those tricky combos, Skater XL on Switch has got something for every gamer this holiday season. Happy skating, folks! ????????

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch

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