Battlefield 2042 Arkangel Directive: New Seasonal Event Revealed

Season 5: New Dawn Introduces the Arkangel Directive, a Thrilling In-Game Event

With Season 5: New Dawn in full swing, Battlefield 2042 enthusiasts can anticipate the unveiling of the latest exhilarating in-game event called the Arkangel Directive. This captivating event will take place over a span of two weeks, commencing on Tuesday, July 11th at 5am PT and concluding on Tuesday, July 25th at 5am PT.

A Unique Warfare Experience

Prepare for an unprecedented combined arms battle as the Arkangel Directive brings together two factions renowned for their cutting-edge robotics and AI technologies. These factions will engage in intense conflict, vying for control in a brand-new game mode that promises to push the boundaries of excitement.

Control: A Game Mode Like No Other

The Arkangel Directive event introduces Control, a thrilling 24v24 game mode set across the Reclaimed, Orbital, and Valparaiso maps. Players will be tasked with capturing satellites scattered throughout the battlefield, collecting telemetry data to upload to the Arkangel Satellite. The accumulation of points during this process enables players to call in mid-game bonuses, effectively shifting the tide of battle in their favor.

Unique Gameplay Rewards

Participants of the Arkangel Directive event can look forward to obtaining exclusive gameplay rewards. These rewards include rare backgrounds, epic weapon skins, headgear, and charms that will elevate their Battlefield 2042 experience. Additionally, the in-game store will showcase new bundles and item rotations, providing players with even more enticing options to explore.

Join the Event

The Battlefield 2042 development team warmly invites players to immerse themselves in the Arkangel Directive event. The event will be available for participation from July 11th, starting at 12 PM UTC, until July 25th, ending at 12 PM UTC.

Unleash the Power of the Arkangel Legion

Throughout the event, players will assume the role of the Arkangel Legion faction, the esteemed private military arm of the Arkangel Corporation. Operating as a neutral entity, the Arkangel Legion serves all nations and is committed to advancing humanity through the application of robotics and AI technologies. Their unmatched skills and access to state-of-the-art advancements make them highly sought-after by both superpowers recovering from a nearly decade-long war.

Dominating the Battlefield

Backed by the unrivaled financial resources of the world’s wealthiest corporation, the soldiers of the Arkangel Legion are the epitome of excellence. Equipped with the most advanced technologies available, they are lethal forces on the battlefield. Each contract undertaken by the Arkangel Legion guarantees victory, underscoring their unparalleled capabilities.

Taking Control: A Strategic Imperative

Under the guidance of the Ascension satellite network, the elite Arkangel Legion possesses the ability to break any deadlock. In the Control game mode, players must seize and secure rotating objectives to upload tactical telemetry. Accumulating the most telemetry enables players to dominate specific regions and earn Ascension Points, which can be utilized to procure combat vehicles.

Executing the Directive

To fulfill the objective of Control, players must engage in a 24v24 battle across the Reclaimed, Orbital, and Valparaiso maps. Success relies on efficiently collecting telemetry data to upload to the Arkangel Satellite.

Claiming Satellites

Players must locate unsynced satellites scattered throughout the map and synchronize them with the sensors carried by their squad. By reaching an active satellite and initiating the synchronization process, players can claim it for their side. It is essential to remain vigilant, as multiple control points may become available simultaneously, with adversaries attempting to assert their control at any given moment.

Syncing Telemetry

Defending occupied satellites is of utmost importance. Players must safeguard these satellites until the telemetry has finished uploading. Completion of each round of uploads triggers the appearance of a new free satellite. The higher the amount of telemetry synced, the more favorable the overall score.

Earning Combat Vehicles

The Arkangel Corporation rewards exceptional combat performance with Ascension Points. These valuable points can be spent to call in vehicle hot drops, providing players with an opportunity to turn the tide of battle. Players can save their points to access increasingly powerful vehicles, thus maximizing their impact on the battlefield.

Strategies for Victory

To secure victory in the Control game mode, players should prioritize capturing and maintaining control of the objectives. While eliminating enemies can provide an advantage, it is not the sole determinant of success. Furthermore, players are encouraged to utilize Ascension Points to call in combat vehicles promptly, recognizing their pivotal role in achieving victory. Familiarizing oneself with the objective spawning patterns and coordinating effectively with the squad can also prove invaluable in gaining an edge over the opposition.

The Rewards Await

As participants battle fiercely as members of the Arkangel Legion, they will have the opportunity to earn, claim, and purchase a range of enticing rewards. By playing Control, players can earn Ribbons, unlocking unique gameplay rewards exclusively available during the Arkangel Directive event. Moreover, the in-game store will showcase store bundles, including the “Ascendant Weapon” bundle priced at 1400 BFC, the “Ascendant Warrior” bundle priced at 1750 BFC, and the comprehensive “Arkangel Bundle” priced at 2400 BFC, featuring all the Arkangel Directive Store items.

Battlefield 2042 invites players to embark on an exhilarating journey into the Arkangel Directive event. Take command, dominate the battlefield, and experience the excitement of this new in-game event.

Platforms: PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows

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