Battlefield 2042 for PC – Should You Pass or Grab?

Battlefield 2042: One of the Worst Games on Steam

Some games never lose their popularity even if you don’t make any changes. In fact, the fans of these games do not want any changes: For example, free American roulette online is such a game. In some game series, however, the developer studio tries to change something with each new game and sometimes it succeeds but sometimes it fails.

When it comes to Battlefield 2042, we can say that the latter is valid. The game, which created incredible hype and is thought to return to the roots of the series, faced negative reviews shortly after its release on November 19th, 2021. These criticisms have increased day by day: Currently, Battlefield 2042 is considered one of the most negatively reviewed games on the Steam platform. Considering that Steam hosts tens of thousands of games, we can say that even this is a “success” in itself. So, why does this occur? What did Battlefield fans not like about this game?

Battlefield 2042 Looks Like a Big “Nerf”

There have always been two names in team-based multiplayer shooters: Call of Duty and Battlefield. The CoD series is known for its small maps, fast gameplay, and simple mechanics. Battlefield, on the other hand, is recognized as a game that features larger maps, requires strategy, and really needs to be played as a team. That is why both series have almost completely different followers. But in Battlefield’s latest game, the developer seems to have forgotten this fact.

First of all, the class system, which is one of the traditional and basic mechanics of the game, has been completely removed. There are no longer role-specific classes, and anyone can get any weapon they want. Instead, special soldiers called “specialists” were introduced. These are (most likely) unused characters designed for the single-player mode, each with a name and a special ability. For example, if you choose the recon specialist, you get a drone that can be used to locate enemies.

That means completely eliminating one mechanic that is one of the biggest reasons Battlefield is loved. As the class system is gone, the tactical gameplay that separates the game from the CoD series is disappearing. What’s more, this situation causes various confusions, as it is possible for both teams to choose exactly the same “specialists”. Even in your own team, you can see the same characters. In other words, everyone looks alike on a 128-player battlefield… Predictably, some of these specialists are more “op” than others, and there’s nothing preventing all players from choosing them, so everyone prefers to play with the same type of characters.

Interface, Gameplay, and Design Mistakes

Unfortunately, a mechanic change isn’t the only problem with Battlefield 2042. Connecting to matches is quite difficult, disconnecting from a match is very easy, sometimes matches not being able to “end” (literally) is a real problem. Probably due to server synchronization errors, the bullet tracking cannot be done correctly, so when you think you hit the enemy right in front of you, the bullet actually goes to a completely different place. This goes for you too: Sometimes you can get hit even when you’re behind a wall because the server still thinks you’re where you were a few seconds ago. There is no useful leaderboard, the new game modes are not very interesting, and the increase of the map limit to 128 players is not as good as it sounds.

Actually, all of these problems can be fixed with future updates: Server synchronization will be fixed eventually, game modes will be updated, and interface will be improved, we are sure of that. We’ve seen almost all of these bugs/problems in previous Battlefield games as well. However, it is not possible to fix the changes in the basic mechanics of the game and this is the situation that the fans complain about the most. They want to play Battlefield, not a modified Call of Duty. BF 2042 fails to deliver that and is therefore among the top 20 worst games on Steam.


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