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Posted by Sean Vanaman, Co-founder of Campo Santo on Xbox Wire

With Firewatch arriving on Xbox One this week, we at Campo Santo wanted to share with you a little bit about the game and some of the never-before-seen features that are coming your way.  But let me briefly start with some of the before-seen-features. Mainly, the core feature set: what type of game is Firewatch?

Firewatch is a first-person mystery set in the woods of Wyoming. If it were movie, you’d call it a psychological thriller. But it’s not a movie; it’s a video game. So we set out to make a game where you got to build a relationship with other characters, while continually being surprised by the story, but not bogged down by a bunch of cutscenes (because, it’s a video game and should be fun to play, not watch). We love games like the Bioshock series, Half-Life, and Full Throttle and brought all of that to Firewatch. It’s spooky and can get quite serious, but there’s also jokes about raccoons and poop so we think it balances out nicely.

Okay, so you and I would really like for you to get your money’s worth out of Firewatch on Xbox One. I think we’ve got you covered.

Firstly, when you finish Firewatch, we thought it’d be exciting to bring you behind the curtain and reveal as much as possible about its production. And behind that curtain you’ll find an entirely new way to experience the full story of Firewatch: with an ultra-collectible scavenger hunt throughout the wilderness, full of stories, secrets, how-to’s and Easter eggs. Plus a new exploration mode with a day and night cycle and, you guessed it, more hidden secrets. There’s a lot behind the curtain. It’s a big curtain. In the interest of honest advertising, our studio doesn’t have curtains. We have blinds; the curtain is a metaphor.

Secondly, the fine folks at Xbox Wire asked me if we had any tips and tricks for Firewatch, and I said, “Oh boy, do we,” while breaking out into a cold sweat at our lack of tips and tricks. So in the interest of getting your money’s worth, I wanted to leave you with some “tips and tricks” to playing Firewatch that our team has put together.

Now, in seriousness, we do believe you’re going to have an excellent time with Firewatch on Xbox One. If you have a friend who likes to watch games, this a great game to sit down and chew through with a companion, or, if you prefer, turn the lights off and go explore and see what happens. We had a great time making this game and hope you guys have an even better time playing it. Thanks and enjoy!

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