Big Changes Coming to MMORPG Cinderstone Online Closed Beta

Codevision announces the release of a major new content patch for Cinderstone Online MMORPG. Currently in closed beta and instantly accessible with the subscription of a founder pack via the game’s website, Cinderstone Online is enriched with 6 new character classes, 2 maps and chapters 2 and 3.

Cinderstone Online is a cute and colorful fantasy medieval MMORPG in which players can earn wealth and glory through farming, trading, and conquering castles and cities with their guilds.

Chapter 2 & 3 new content

  • New classes: Infantry, Knight, Acolyte, Sorcerer, Archer, Thief
  • Chapter 2, which picks up where the original story left off
  • Chapter 3, which features an all-new story and dungeon
  • Host of new quests, monsters, and gear to collect
  • Mt. Helicon Map
  • Whispering Swamps Map
  • New friends!
  • And a lot more new things!

Closed Beta Access and New Content Frequency

Since the start of the closed beta on October 4, 2020, the developers of Cinderstone Online have made a lot of improvements to the game thanks to the recommendations of their beloved community of adventurer testers.

The closed beta is open to all Founder Pack holders. Available directly from the Cinderstone website, Founder Packs offer, in addition to immediate access to the closed beta and a Steam key to the final game, a number of in-game exclusives to thank adventurers for their support and involvement in the Cinderstone Online community.

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