Camper Van Game Showcases Development Progress

Exploring Van Life: A Journey of Creativity and Discovery

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Malapata Studio Unveils New Video and Steam Page for Upcoming Relaxation Game

In a recent update from Malapata Studio, the indie video game developer based in Spain, a new development video for Camper Van: Make it Home was released, demonstrating the latest advancements in the game’s design. Following a successful Kickstarter campaign, the studio has also celebrated the opening of the game’s Steam page with a unique giveaway event.

Game Overview

Camper Van: Make it Home is poised to offer a calming gameplay experience, drawing inspiration from other welcoming video games like Unpacking. The game invites players to explore a narrative woven through the protagonist’s personal belongings, adventures, and experiences. The latest video provides insights into enhanced object placement systems, new game mechanics, and improved visual details.

Scheduled for release in late 2024, the game will be available on PC via Steam, various mobile platforms including the App Store, Galaxy Store, App Gallery, and Amazon Store, as well as on the Nintendo Switch console.

Gameplay Features

In Camper Van: Make it Home, players have the opportunity to personalize their van for a journey of self-discovery. The game challenges players to creatively organize their space, balancing aesthetic appeal with practicality. As players progress, they will engage with the protagonist’s story, discovering new objects, and deciding which items to keep or leave behind. The game starts with an empty van, allowing players to furnish and decorate both the interior and exterior before setting off on their next adventure.

Embarking on a Personalized Adventure in Van Life Gaming

Camper Van: Make it Home offers a unique blend of personalization, storytelling, and exploration, set within the serene context of van life. Interested gamers can now add the game to their Wishlist on Steam and participate in the studio’s celebratory giveaway for a chan

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, iOS, Android

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