Cave Digger 2 Strikes Gold, Heads to Non-VR Platforms This November

Yo, listen up miners and diggers of the G-LYFE Nation! The devs behind Cave Digger 2 just dropped some serious news that’ll have you sharpening your pickaxes. The game is expanding its terrain to non-VR platforms, starting November 15th.

Crossplay Co-op: The More the Merrier, Literally

This move isn’t just a win for the screen gazers; it’s a bonus for the VR community too. Now you can form a multi-platform squad, thanks to the crossplay feature. That means PS, Steam, Epic Games, and Humble store gamers are all invited to this mining party. Xbox and Nintendo? Hold your horses; your invitations are coming in Q1 next year.

Demo First, Dig Later: Steam Next Fest

Before you dive headfirst into these mine shafts, how ’bout a little try-before-you-buy? A demo for Cave Digger 2 is launching as part of Steam Next Fest, which runs from October 9th to 16th. But guess what? You can grab the demo earlier, starting October 1st.

What’s in the Box—or Rather, the Cave?

For the uninitiated, Cave Digger 2 is all about action and adventure, set in a wildland that’s a mash-up of Western, Dieselpunk, and Lovecraftian vibes. You start as a prospector, armed with nothing but a pickaxe and dreams of riches. You’ll explore mines, nautical caves, and even ruins of ancient civilizations. But it ain’t just about bling; there’s a deep story with multiple endings. Yeah, you heard it right—lore galore!

Gear Up, Level Up

What makes this game dope? Your mining equipment evolves. Start with a pickaxe and trade your way up to high-tech hammers, versatile dynamites, and even gadgets you didn’t know you needed. Your gear can make or break your mining expedition, so choose wisely.

Your Character, Your Style

Player avatar customization is off the charts. Whether you’re into steamy Dieselpunk attire or good ol’ Western gear, there’s something for every fashion-forward miner. From clothes to faces to hats, you can truly make your avatar a one-of-a-kind miner.

Collectibles and Lore: The Cherry on Top

Don’t think this game is all about swinging pickaxes. There’s a collectible comic book called Clayton – The Greed that adds layers to the story. Multiple discoverable narratives are baked into the game, offering a different take on the overarching tale.

Team Up or Lone-Wolf: You Choose

The game supports 1-4 player crossplay co-op. Whether you’re rolling in a private group or taking your chances with public matchmaking, Cave Digger 2’s got you covered.

In summary, Cave Digger 2 is leveling up, with its non-VR release promising to add even more depth and dynamism to an already expansive game universe. Keep those pickaxes sharp, G-LYFE Nation!

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 5

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