CCP Games Shares Tease at Two New Eve Universe Projects

During the EVE Keynote at Fanfest 2022, CCP Games teased its upcoming projects, a first-person shooter and a 4X mobile strategy game, set in the EVE Online universe. Concept art for each project was shared for the first time along with some high-level details.

CCP Games London Studio FPS

  • CCP London is working on an unannounced online tactical FPS game set in New Eden.
  • CCP is committed to offering an innovative multiplayer shooter with atmospheric visuals.
  • CCP is looking forward to revealing the game when we’re ready to do so.
  • CCP London’s Community Lead was at Fanfest talking to the community about what they’d want from their ideal New Eden shooter.

CCP Games’ London studio is focused on developing an upcoming online tactical FPS game set in New Eden. The project remains unannounced at the time of EVE Fanfest 2022.

CCP recognizes that a hard sci-fi FPS game set in the EVE Universe is a popular concept and CCP is committed to offering an innovative multiplayer shooter with atmospheric visuals. The team wants to show you rather than tell you how they have evolved this concept and are looking forward to doing so when the time comes to reveal the game.

The game is currently in pre-production. The studio is now ramping up and powering forward with the project.

CCP Shanghai’s Mobile 4X Game – “Project M5”

  • Project M5 is a F2P 4X strategy game for mobile devices set in the EVE Universe.
  • In Project M5, players must work as a team to battle opponents for interstellar supremacy.
  • Project M5 is being wholly developed by CCP Shanghai.
  • Project M5 takes key components from EVE Online, such as teamwork, fighting, territory control, politics, etc., and reinvents them to create a true mobile strategy experience set in New Eden.
  • The game is still in early development and is currently in pre-production. CCP will be conducting player tests this year but will not be launching in 2022.

Neither of these projects have been officially announced and we cannot reveal any more information at this time.

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