There have been big collectors’ editions before, but never one as giant and heavy metal as this. Steel Rats™, the action arcade inspired, motorbike combat game, releases next week November 7th on PlayStation®4 and Steam with an Xbox One release following soon after. However, before you gear up to save the fictional world of Coastal City, it’s time to do some good in the real world.

Tate Multimedia have today launched a charity auction for their one of a kind ‘Steel Rats: Super Turbo Ultimate Wreck & Ride Collector’s Edition’ with the bidding beginning at £5,000 to raise money for four charities from across the globe including Special Effect, Make a Wish, Able Gamers and Gaming Aid:

Containing a life size full metal replica of the Screamer junk robot from the game, this 9-foot tall, 1700lb behemoth has been custom made from over 500 pieces of steel and scrap metal and doubles as a fully functioning demo station for the game with 5 working LCD screens installed. On top of this, the ‘Wreck and Ride’ collector’s edition includes a swath of official merchandise (a special limited edition steel canister, branded whisky glasses, a T-shirt, stickers and pins) and three copies of the game to play on the platform of your choice.

The four charities officially partnered with the campaign are Special Effect in the UK, Able Gamers in the US, Gaming Aid in Germany and Make a Wish in France. Each of these charities does exceptional work towards helping those living with a disability, harness the power of video games to improve quality of life and find new ways to enjoy their favourite past time.

The auction starts today at £5,000 and is open to buyers in Europe, Japan and North America and will last for ten days. For any bids exceeding the opening figure 70% of the final sale price will be committed and split between the four charities.

Pre-orders for the Steel Rats Deluxe Edition are now live in Europe at the standard price of £15.99 and £13.59 for Playstation Plus members. At launch for everybody the standard edition will be priced at £15.99 and the Deluxe Edition will be priced at £18.99

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