Company of Heroes 3 Console Edition is Now Available on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S|X

Relic Entertainment and SEGA have announced the highly anticipated release of Company of Heroes 3 on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S|X. Players can now experience the epic World War II strategy game on their consoles, bringing the intense battles and tactical warfare to the comfort of their living rooms. To get a glimpse of the action, you can watch the official Company of Heroes 3 Console Edition launch trailer.

In Company of Heroes 3 Console Edition, players can immerse themselves in gripping campaigns set in Italy and the deserts of North Africa. With controls specifically adapted for consoles, commanding your armies and devising winning strategies has never been easier. The game’s dual campaigns offer a diverse range of environments and challenges, allowing players to test their tactical skills on different battlefields.

One of the standout features of Company of Heroes 3 Console Edition is the new Command Wheel, which empowers players to issue quick commands to their soldiers. This intuitive control system enables swift maneuvers and strategic decisions on the battlefield. Additionally, the Full Tactical Pause feature in single-player modes allows players to freeze the action, giving them time to analyze the situation, adjust their battle plan, issue new orders, and witness the thrilling action unfold.

For those who want to refine their skills and learn advanced strategies, community content creator MoiDawg has created a series of basic training videos. These videos cover various aspects of the game, including understanding the Heads-Up Display (HUD), navigating the Command Wheel, utilizing the Full Tactical Pause, mastering map navigation, and acquiring useful tips and tricks to elevate your strategy and execution.

Company of Heroes 3 Console Edition offers both digital and physical copies for players to choose from. If you prefer a digital version, you can purchase it directly from the Microsoft Store on Xbox or the PlayStation storefront. Alternatively, physical copies are also available for those who prefer having a tangible edition of the game.

Whether you are a seasoned Company of Heroes fan or new to the series, the Console Edition brings an immersive and engaging experience to console gamers. With its well-crafted gameplay, intuitive controls, and a wealth of strategic options, Company of Heroes 3 Console Edition is sure to captivate players and provide countless hours of intense and satisfying warfare.

For more information and detailed insights, please refer to the full press release below. Additionally, you can download various assets related to the game, including screenshots and artwork, to enhance your experience and stay connected with the Company of Heroes 3 community.

Company of Heroes 3 Console Edition is now available, so gather your troops, formulate your plans, and lead your forces to victory in this epic World War II strategy game.

Platforms: PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Microsoft Windows

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