ConnecTank Introduces Cast & New Features

Meet the Barons and Learn About the Powerful Tanks That Roam New Pangea!

Natsume Inc. revealed more details about the upcoming 2D action-adventure game, ConnecTank, launching on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC this summer.

Meet the Barons!

Finneas Fat Cat XV

A hyper-capitalist straight out of the gilded age, Finneas Fat Cat XV wants to spread his good name far and wide! Whether that’s by building more factories for his “beloved” employees to work in or statues made in his image, Finneas will have lots of missions for you to help spread his glorious name across New Pangea!

Lord Lewis Longneck of Lewingford

An eccentric patron of the arts, Lord Lewis Longneck of Lewingford wants to build a museum that will put the Lourve to shame! For him, money is a means to culture, not just a means to an end! However, that passion for the arts still somehow involves building giant statues of himself…

Emperor Pontius Penguin

Help Emperor Pontius Penguin and his Tundra Collective seize the means of production! For the glory of the Tundra! He’ll also pay you in cash, too, not just glory, so don’t worry!

New Features:

Equipped with Excalibur and an attack boosting Dragon Fang, Sir Gawain is ready to take down any dragons that come his way! Unfortunately, there are no dragons in New Pangea, so you’ll have to use his powers to take down giant tanks instead! Watch out! His metal armor is weak against drill-type ammo!

Equipped with chilly Frozen Sherbet and Tundra Turbine, Sprinkles Please will serve tanks their just desserts by freezing them and their ammo! If you get caught in her cold snap, blocks of ice will appear inside your tank. You can hit these ice blocks to free your tank from being a frosty treat.

Equipped with a time slowing hourglass and a special conveyor belt that clones the ammo you craft, Checkmate will always be five steps ahead of other tanks! Speaking of steps, though, Checkmate is weak against footwear ammo like Red Slippers and Snow Boots!

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