Crazzie Pro Gear Announces the World’s First PC Tower Backpack to Launch with a Worldwide Kickstarter Campaign at E3 in Los Angeles

Crazzie Pro Gear proudly announces a new category in backpacks, the “tower backpack”, known as the Crazzie Pro Gear Tactical Tower Backpack. Unlike anything else on the market, the tower backpack is unique as it provides enough room to carry a mid-sized computer tower and plenty of other gear. Crazzie Pro Gear is utilizing crowdsourcing to help bring its tower backpack to the world. Attendees and media will be able to see the prototypes in person at E3 in Los Angeles, June 12-14, at booth #2462.


The Crazzie Pro Gear team realized they could help gamers carry their tower and gear more securely and efficiently. From eSport to Bring Your Own Computer (BYOC) events and beyond, the backpack’s four compartments are aimed to not only provide space for a tower up to 23”x23”x11”, and most other gear a gamer has in their arsenal.

Crazzie Pro Gear knows that minimizing the vibration and torsion of the enclosed tower is a must in order to help protect the assets of its customers. Both functionality and security during transportation make this tower backpack a must for on-the-go gamers. To ensure these two things happen, each backpack comes with the innovative tower secure system. This additional feature provides two expandable steel bars to support the base of the computer along with nylon loops and clips to securely fasten the tower to the backside of the interior. Finally, Crazzie Pro Gear made sure this backpack would stand the test of time by outfitting it with military grade nylon and installing YKK zippers throughout. Crazzie Pro Gear is even offering a 5-year warranty on craftsmanship.


This backpack is an ideal companion for any PC gamer on the go with an ergonomic design that features a chest and waist strap along with padded shoulder straps and a breathable, padded back. These key features provide superior comfort for its users whether going from the house to the car, riding public transportation or walking.

“Kickstarter is the perfect platform to launch our tower backpack. This is an entirely new class of backpacks, a new company and a new way for gamers to transport their tower and gear. By supporting Crazzie Pro Gear on Kickstarter, people from around the world can be a part of the creative process and directly impact the outcome of this launch,” said co-creator Andrew Kerr of Crazzie Pro Gear.


Kevin Deese, another one of Crazzie Pro Gear’s founders says, “with so many backpacks on the market today the only reason to create another one is if we are trying to solve an old problem that nobody else been able to do or has taken the time to fix. We realize that we didn’t invent the backpack, we just created the one that works for gamers; the one they are going to love using”.

Visit Crazzie Pro Gear’s Kickstarter page to pre-order the backpack, meet the creators, read a detailed timeline, and learn more about the backpack that will change the way gamers transport their gear.

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