Creepy Jar Unveils Green Hell’s 2022 Content Roadmap

Creepy Jar Reveals the Green Hell 2022 Roadmap – Now with 100% More Animal Farming. Green Hell still has a long way to go in 2022 with the arrival of Spirits of Amazonia Part 3 and more.

Creepy Jar is pleased to give players a sneak peek into what’s on the way for Green Hell in 2022. Committed to improving and expanding on an already stellar experience, Creepy Jar’s Green Hell 2022 Roadmap highlights some exciting updates arriving for the PC and console versions of the game. More specific time frames for the arrival of updates on each platform will come at a later date.

The Green Hell 2022 Roadmap includes:

Spirits of Amazonia Part 3: The third and final act of the thrilling Spirits of Amazonia story comes to a conclusion and will be free for all owners of Green Hell.
Building Update: The existing building system receives a hefty update that will be less restrictive than the current system. The ability to cut through thicker trees—removing obstacles such as stumps and logs—allows players maximum flexibility when placing their buildings. New items such as doors, bridges, treehouses, and more will be added. (PC in 2022, planned on consoles at a later date)
Animal Husbandry: Become the master of your domain and farm animals for many of your needs. Players will be able to catch, breed, and feed some of the rainforest’s creatures; keep them in custom pens, and—when the time comes—harvest them for the resources needed most. (PC in 2022, planned on consoles at a later date)
Console Editions: Alongside continued patching to improve the experience on consoles, the entire Spirits of Amazonia series will be making its way to Xbox One and PlayStation in 2022.

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