CrossfireX Babylon Update Largest to Date

As seen on gamescom ONL; Smilegate Entertainment, Smilegate Entertainment, a leading publisher of online multiplayer games, released its biggest update to date for the first-person online shooter, CrossfireX.

Along with multiple updates already implemented into CFX since its launch, the new update will deliver 2 new maps, 1 reintroduced map, new mission, new weapons, and more, along with quality of life improvements; overhauled UI, improved matchmaking and more.

Highlights from the 8/23 update:

  • Two New Maps: The Babylon map is available in the Point capture and Modern multiplayer modes, and the Satellite map is available in the Search & Destroy, Modern and Classic multiplayer modes.
  • Reintroduced Maps: The Submarine map has been introduced with Classic Knife-Team Deathmatch for a limited Time. The Transport ship map was added to Modern Team Deathmatch mode.
  • Game Improvements: An improved matchmaking system, updates to weapon handling and more customization of the minimap and improvements to the standard aim response curve.
  • New Weapons, Skins and Accessories: Four new base weapons added: P-35, HAMMER MK2, KALASH-LMG and MODEL 1903, each are purchasable with in-game currency (GP), alongside 25 new weapon skins and three new weapon accessories.
  • New In-Game Mission: Rise of Babylon – Players can earn the new KALASH-103 Alpine Strike and KALASH-103 Base weapons by playing the Babylon map for more than 100 minutes.
  • Free Event Battle Pass + BP EXP Boost Event: Players will be able to unlock up to six free weapon skins, boosts, premium currency (CFP) and in-game currency (GP).

Highlights from all updates from launch up to now (not including the 8/23 content):

  • 8 New maps: Marketplace, Mexico, Submarine and many more have been added since launch, with five maps being available in both Classic and Modern modes.
  • 8 New weapons: the CAM-09 (Sniper Rifle), GSMG-45 (Submachine Gun), Flashbang, BP93 (Pistol) and more have been added to the game. Weapon stats are also now available to help players find the right loadout.
  • New mode, Shooting Rage: Test out your weapons in a controlled environment and tweak your settings to perfect your aim before stepping into battle
  • New game system, Weapon Mastery: As you complete matches you will earn Weapon Mastery experience based on the weapons you used and your performance. Earn and equip various Name Tags that show off your individual weapon achievements.
  • Updated game system, Specialty System: A reworked version of the Tactical Growth system. Players are now able to equip additional abilities in their loadout for Modern mode matches.
  • Updated game system, additional control customization: To address the difficulties surrounding the aim sensitivity, several customization options have been added to the game including expanded analog stick sensitivity range, Dead Zone options and Aim Response Curve Types.
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