Crumbling: VR Roguelike Adventure Smashes into Meta Quest and Steam VR in 2024

Unleash Toy-Sized Havoc in a Hack ’n’ Slash Virtual World

Crumbling Games Announces VR Extravaganza

Crumbling Games is amping up the VR scene with their latest rogue-like action adventure, Crumbling, set to land on Meta Quest 2, 3, and Steam VR in early 2024. Gamers, get ready for a wild ride with hack ’n’ slash thrills and a nostalgia trip back to the days of plastic monster toys.

Demo Drops – Players Dive In

Already making waves, the Crumbling demo is out on the Meta Quest Store and Steam, with over 15,000 players diving into this whimsical world. This sneak peek is your ticket to experiencing the game’s charm before its grand entrance next year.

Step Inside Crumbles Crafts and Comics

The game’s heart lies in the Crumbles Crafts and Comics store. Witness your Crumbling figurine spring to life and unfold the tale of Mr. and Mrs. Crumble through immersive animated comics. But it’s not all fun and games – the evil Böse Corp. has swiped the Crumble’s magic, and it’s your job to put things right.

One-Handed Combat, Endless Adventure

Crumbling redefines VR gameplay by letting you control your character like a childhood action figure – with just one hand. Navigate your pint-sized hero through stunning dioramas, clashing with plastic monsters in dynamic combat. Keep your eyes peeled on the enemy to predict and dodge their moves, and when the timing’s right, strike back with vengeance.

Power Up and Smash Through

This isn’t just a fight; it’s a strategy. Enhance your Crumbling, learn from defeats, and come back stronger. Each battle requires skill and timing, pushing you to outmaneuver and overpower the next boss.

Closing Remark from the Devs:

Ole Jürgensen, the solo genius at Crumbling Games, is psyched: “Our Crumblings are ready to break free and wreak havoc in VR come 2024! Are you game to control their destiny?”

Platforms: Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest 3 and Steam VR

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