VR Brawling Redefined: Paint the Town Red VR Hits March 2024

Epic VR Melee Mayhem Across Multiple Platforms

Next-Level VR Brawl Action Unleashed

Get ready to dive into the ultimate virtual reality brawling experience, gamers! Paint the Town Red VR is set to drop some serious VR mayhem on SteamVR, PSVR2, and Quest 2|3 come March 14, 2024. If you thought the original was a wild ride, strap in for this one!

From PCs to VR – A New Dimension of Chaos

After rocking over a million PCs and consoles, Paint the Town Red is leveling up for VR. Imagine diving headfirst into a voxel-powered world where barroom brawls and neon chaos await. We’re talking exotic locales begging for a good, chaotic rumble.

Rampage Redefined: Weaponize Your World

Ever dreamed of smashing a voxel baddie with a ham leg? Here’s your chance. With over 200 weapon choices, this VR edition lets you dual-wield your way through three insane game modes. It’s not just fighting; it’s an art form here.

Modes for Every Mood: Arena, Scenarios, Beneath

Whether you’re in the mood to tackle an enemy horde in Arena mode, deal with rowdy bar patrons in Scenarios, or dive into a supernatural showdown in Beneath mode, there’s something for every VR warrior. Zombies, skulls, and Elder bosses? Check.

The Ultimate VR Brawler Experience

Co-founder of South East Games, Matthew Carr, says it best: Paint the Town Red in VR is the definitive stress-buster. With immersive gameplay, a variety of combat scenarios, and a swarm of enemies, it’s a VR game-changer.

Pricing & Availability: A VR Deal You Can’t Miss

Mark your calendars! Paint the Town Red VR launches at $19.99 for Quest 2|3 and PlayStation VR2 (with a sweet deal for existing PlayStation owners). SteamVR users, you’re in for a treat with a $9.99 add-on DLC. The original game? Still rocking at $19.99.

Get set to redefine your VR brawling experience with Paint the Town Red VR. No cap, this is full send into the future of VR gaming. Stay tuned to G-LYFE for more epic gaming updates! ????????

Platforms: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Meta Quest 2, PlayStation VR2, Steam VR, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One

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