Cry Babies Magic Tears: The Big Game Drops on Nintendo Switch and PS4/5

Hold onto your controllers, gamers! Merge Games and iconic toy maker IMC Toys team up to bless the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4/5 platforms with their latest drop, Cry Babies Magic Tears: The Big Game. Set to hit physical retail spaces including Signature Edition Games from September 29, this title isn’t just child’s play.

The Numbers Don’t Lie

Cry Babies, a household name in the toy world, already boasts a strong fan base. With over 4.5 million dedicated fans and a whopping 10M+ units sold in the last two years, it’s clear that this game is tapping into something big. The Cry Babies animated series is no slouch either, racking up 5.2+ billion views across various platforms like YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon Prime.

World-Hopping Adventures Await

Time to dive into The Big Game, where fan-favorite characters Lady, Coney, Dreamy, and their squad enter a tournament across multiple worlds inspired by the Cry Babies series. Their mission? Secure the ultimate prize—the fabled Golden Pacifier. From Baby Bottle Valley to Fantasy Mountain and the icy reaches of Planet Tear, every win transports players to a fresh, captivating world.

Mini-Games Galore

You don’t just stroll through these worlds; you get to engage in a range of fun-filled activities. From hide-and-seek and maze running to puzzle solving and dancing, The Big Game promises to keep young gamers hooked. The game even has a self-care moment, offering characters a bath stop.

Co-Op for Double the Fun

Think this is a solo ride? Think again. Grab a buddy and a second controller, and both of you can cooperate to double the in-game fun. After all, Cry Babies value friendship, and so does this game.

Customization Unleashed

Find pink stars scattered throughout the worlds? Pick ’em up! These can be traded for new clothes and outfits to give your favorite Cry Babies characters a fresh look.

Fully Animated and Voiced

No corners were cut when it comes to quality. All story scenes in The Big Game are animated and voiced, providing players an experience akin to a brand-new interactive episode of the beloved animated series.

Future Expansion

Keep your eyes peeled; Cry Babies Magic Tears: The Big Game is also coming to PC and Xbox Series X|S soon.

This is not just a game; it’s an extension of a well-loved universe. Whether you’re a fan of the series or new to the Cry Babies world, this title offers something for everyone, blending friendship, adventure, and a sprinkle of magic. So, ready up, gamers!

Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, Xbox Series X|S

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