Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds Ultimate Drops – Next-Level Anime Brawler by Rocket Panda Games

Get ready to unleash your combo skills, gamers! Rocket Panda Games just revealed their latest gig: Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds Ultimate. This isn’t just a quick spit-shine; it’s a full-blown remaster. Using Unreal Engine 5 as their playground, Rocket Panda Games brings back the 2013 classic “Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds” in a glorious new light.

Remaster Unpacked – The Anime Beat’em Up Rebooted

Visuals? Enhanced. Gameplay mechanics? Refined. New features? Packed in. If you were vibing with the original, prepare to get sucked into this high-octane anime universe like never before. Co-founder Gail Salamanca states that the Rocket Panda Games crew put in blood, sweat, and pixels to make sure this remaster stands as the ultimate beat’em up experience.

Plot Unraveled – Dive Into the Fray, Save the Day

The lore? A mysterious guy called the Phantom’s up to no good, messing with some ancient weapons called F.A. (Fu-mension Artifacts). He’s got a posse of powered-up youngsters, promising them wish fulfillment if they battle it out. Here’s the twist: using these artifacts muddles the line between parallel worlds and unseals the Phantom’s powers. Waka, Mikoto and their squad are the world’s last hope, tasked with rescuing Waka’s snatched sister and putting the kibosh on Phantom’s evil agenda.

Mechanics Reforged – Every Punch Counts

Say goodbye to clunky controls. The revamped battle system in Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds Ultimate ensures that your every move, from quick jabs to devastating specials, hits the mark.

Multiplayer Madness – 8-Player Cross-Platform Action

Local co-op? Check. But why stop there when you can go global? Assemble a dream team of up to 8 fighters for some cross-platform mayhem. Show off your skills against players from all corners of the gaming universe.

Play from the Dark Side – Enemy Characters Unlocked

Fancy a walk on the wild side? Jump into Arcade Mode and take control of the game’s big bads. Each foe offers a unique combat style, giving you more ways to conquer and more challenges to overcome.

Audio Beats – Remastered Soundtrack & J-Rock Intro

Slide on those gaming headphones, fam. The new soundtrack complements the revamped gameplay perfectly. And for the anime buffs, there’s a fresh J-Rock opening track by Phantom Breakers’ all-girl band featuring in-universe heroes Mikoto, Waka, Itsuki, and Yuzuha.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows

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