Netmarble announced first content update for pet-collecting mobile MMORPG StoneAge World, introducing Machine Invasion, the first invasion of land of Tectonika by Machine Pets. Now weekly battles against Machine Pets, alongside other in-game improvements, are available for players to conquer.

Every week on specifics days the Machine Invasion will occur. Machine Pets (one of Kaki family) will invade the field of Gravelin Island, where trainers are tasked to clear the land against these enemies. Players can look forward to combating these Machine Pets up to ten times on days when they spawn, with rewards given out based on both the number of participation and the total accumulated damage to Machine Pets.

As part of this new weekly content, Netmarble is also launching a ‘Terminate the Machine’ event that runs until July 16. In addition to daily missions that provide special prizes upon completion, rewards will be sent to those who participate in this event, with the value of prizes scaling based on overall participation. Other additions to StoneAge World this week include a ‘Ticket Event,’ which gives redeemable prize tickets according to the number of daily participants of the Stone Age Life, and a new mission where players receive items based on the amount of Stones and Shells they spend.

StoneAge World takes the concept of pet-collection and role-playing game (RPG) mechanics and seamlessly blends them together with a delightful and venturesome MMO experience set in a whimsically inspired take on prehistoric societies. Set in the land of Tectonika, players will embrace the role of “Trainer,” a powerful warrior who collects, tames, and trains pets to protect the land from enemies. With over 250 pets including dinosaurs, wooly mammoths, pigs, wolves and more, players will have their hands full defending Tectonika against unknown enemies from the up-and-coming Machine Civilization and exploring the unique quirks of prehistoric society.

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