Diablo IV Teams Up with Sarah Michelle Gellar to Recruit Next-Gen Vampire Hunters

The Hunt is On!

As the lore of Diablo IV: Season of Blood expands, things just got even more fang-tastic. Vampires, once confined to Hell, have broken loose, infiltrating the realm of Sanctuary. But hold your stakes and garlic, because Diablo IV isn’t fighting the bloodsuckers alone. Enter Sarah Michelle Gellar, who’s on a quest with Diablo to find the next generation of Vampire Hunters. GG, this is no drill!

Show Your Skills, Gamer

Do you have what it takes to protect humanity? Show off your slaying prowess by submitting clips that exhibit your skills against the sinister forces of darkness. You can go old-school with garlic, or break out new strats. The challenge is open to all types of hunters—just be sure you bring your A-game. The prize? The “Chosen Three” will get a personal nod from Gellar herself. Flex those skills, gamers!

A Message from the Slayer Herself

Sarah Michelle Gellar, no stranger to taking down creatures of the night, has some words for anyone looking to make their mark in this challenge. “Your auditions could be the turning point we’re looking for in our fight against safeguarding humanity. I can’t wait to see your unique spirit shine through in your submissions and be part of identifying our true Hunters,” said Gellar. Don’t sleep on this; let your creativity flow!

Get Those Epic Rewards

So what’s in it for you, besides the glory and the bragging rights? Winners not only take on the noble task of safeguarding humanity, but they also score a custom Vampire hunting kit, a personal letter from Sarah Michelle Gellar, and even some Battle.net credits to sweeten the deal. No cap, these rewards are solid.

How to Join the Ranks

Ready to answer the call and face the nocturnal menace? Submissions are now live. Take your best shot and submit your auditions using #DiabloHunters on Instagram, TikTok, or X. May your blades be sharp and your aim true. Game on!

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Platforms: PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows

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