Digital tribute to rescue and medical services, real financial support to people affected by coronavirus.

See what it’s like to work at a Hospital Emergency Ward when a pandemic attacks the whole world. Become a doctor: Help patients, diagnose them, isolate, and save their lives. At the same time, try to keep your own.

Many people in a crisis ask themselves what the situation on the frontline looks like. Today, this frontline is healthcare and emergency departments. We’re going to answer that question via our latest video game, faithfully reproducing the hard work of a doctor. The classic Theme Hospital showed the hospital in a crooked mirror, in an isometric view. ER Pandemic Simulator will do it in all seriousness, in the first-person perspective – speaks Mateusz Wcześniak, Movie Games CEO.

Part of the game’s revenue will be transferred to COVD-19 and other worldwide pandemics relief funds in the future. The fight against the deadly viruses requires extraordinary unity and involvement.

As a game publisher, who indirectly benefits from a lock-down, a gaming spike amid the quarantine, who participate in all-time records for Steam concurrent users, we feel obligated to contribute to this fight. Symbolic, by showing doctors’ devotion, and financial, by supporting people who need it most comments Wcześniak.

ER Pandemic Simulator

Ten percent ER Pandemic Simulator’s revenue will be pledged to COVID-19 relief efforts – split between the World Health Organization and Polish hospitals. We believe our humble donation to those funds will support long-term relief during one of the most challenging times we have ever faced.


  • simulator that shows Hospital Emergency Ward department during the virus pandemic
  • attention to medical details, serious and respectfully approach
  • a health encyclopedia with symptoms of over 70 diseases and treatments
  • a laboratory that can identify more than 30 strains of bacteria and viruses
  • 12 different self-service diagnostic devices
  • a 3-floor hospital with over 100 rooms to manage
  • strong strategic focus – ordering medications and equipment, etc.
  • an “investigation” system – medical history
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