Diluvian Ultra: Chapter One Drops September 28 with a Pixel-Infused Boom

Fulqrum Publishing and Cresthelm Studios are stoked to unveil that Diluvian Ultra‘s “Chapter One” is blasting its way onto PC platforms. Set for a September 28, 2023 launch, the game will hit Steam, GOG, Epic Games Store, and other digital outlets. Diluvian Ultra isn’t just another FPS; it’s a retro-styled bullet fest that combines fast-paced combat with strategic weapon-mixing. The game’s pixel-art visuals bring to life the aesthetics of classic shooters, with a side of vibrant, pulp-inspired color palettes.

A Tomb Ship, An Immortal Warrior, and Organic Weapons

In this chapter, you’ll jump into the boots of Prince Atilla, an immortal warrior aboard a living tomb ship in deep space. This isn’t just some casual stroll through the cosmos; you’ll have to defend your domain from defilers. Utilizing an arsenal of organic weapons and advanced bio-technology, it’s all about quenching that thirst for blood and mayhem.

Gameplay Mechanics: Strategy and Mobility

Diluvian Ultra isn’t for the spray-and-pray types. The game’s combat system encourages strategic thinking. Switch between Tech and Organic weapons, mix up Lethal and Armor damage, or pop a timely power-up to tilt the scales. And don’t sleep on the levels; each one is a labyrinth packed with secrets, from health pickups to game-changing power-ups.

Blood and Upgrades: The Diluvian Cycle

The game spices up its mechanics with a unique blood-collecting system. Build up focus points by hunting and consuming blood. These points can be used to tweak and upgrade your weaponry, be it cranking up the damage, altering fire rates, or unlocking alternative firing modes like projectile reflection.

Feature Breakdown: More Than Just a Chapter

Chapter One of Diluvian Ultra is more like an entire game, offering 10 levels, a hub, six unique weapons with 30 different upgrades, and 13 types of enemies. The dual-damage system will have you calculating every shot, and the game’s emphasis on mobility adds another layer to the gameplay. Whether you’re dodging enemy fire or chaining together lethal combos, standing still is not an option.

Diluvian Ultra’s Organic Philosophy and Story Arc

The game doesn’t just stop at action; it dives deep into lore. Your spaceship is a living entity, a combo of flesh and tech. The same goes for your armory, offering both tech-based and living, organic weapons. And let’s not forget Bella, your sentient Squire Gun. Diluvian Ultra also packs a rich, epic story, touching on themes like fanaticism, trauma, and hope, all set against a backdrop of neo-gothic architecture and cathedral-like spaceships.

Lock and Load: Mark Your Calendars

So, gamers, jot down September 28, 2023. That’s when Diluvian Ultra: Chapter One officially goes live on PC via all major digital stores including Steam, GOG, and the Epic Games Store.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows

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