DIOGO JOTA LAUNCHES LUNA GALAXY: A New Esports Team in Partnership with Galaxy Racer

Liverpool’s Premier League Superstar Expands into the World of Esports

Diogo Jota, the renowned Premier League footballer playing for Liverpool, has taken a bold step into the world of esports by launching Luna Galaxy, a brand-new esports team in collaboration with Galaxy Racer. The team will participate in FIFA/EA Sports FC, DOTA 2, and Rocket League, and aims to make a significant impact in the competitive gaming scene.

Diogo Jota Joins Galaxy Racer as a Shareholder and Key Strategist

Galaxy Racer, the world’s fastest-growing esports and cross-media platform with a vast reach of over 600 million digital audiences, has secured Diogo Jota as a shareholder in their venture. This partnership will see Diogo Jota actively contributing to the esports strategy of the newly formed Luna Galaxy.

From Diogo Jota Esports to Luna Galaxy: A Transformation

The well-established esports team, Diogo Jota Esports, which has achieved remarkable success in the FIFA world, including a notable victory in the first RIC Cup in 2022, will now be rebranded to Luna Galaxy. With Diogo Jota’s influence and the backing of Galaxy Racer, the team is looking forward to welcoming new members for various gaming titles.

Diogo Jota’s Vision for Luna Galaxy

Expressing his excitement about the collaboration, Diogo Jota shared his vision for Luna Galaxy, “I am delighted to join forces with Galaxy Racer and embark on this exciting venture. Esports has the potential to captivate millions worldwide, just like football, and I’ve been able to experience both first-hand. Through this partnership, I hope to bring Luna Galaxy to a whole new audience of gamers and sports fans alike.”

Galaxy Racer CEO Paul Roy’s Enthusiasm

Galaxy Racer CEO Paul Roy couldn’t be happier about the partnership with Diogo Jota. He stated, “We are honored to have Diogo Jota join up with Galaxy Racer as a leader and investor. His history of competitive success both on the field and online aligns perfectly with our vision here. With our state-of-the-art esports infrastructure, branding expertise, and professional experience, Luna Galaxy is going to make a huge mark in the world of competitive gaming.”

Bootcamps to Nurture Esports Talent

In an effort to cultivate aspiring esports professionals, Luna Galaxy is organizing bootcamps in Portugal and the Netherlands. These bootcamps will provide coaching and mentorship to talented individuals who dream of making their mark in the competitive gaming industry.

Meet the Luna Galaxy EA Sports FC Team

Luna Galaxy’s EA Sports FC team is packed with skill and determination. The team lineup includes:

  1. Jafonsogv
  2. Don70Pablo
  3. MarQzou
  4. DFernandes
  5. Armando Vale – Manager

As Diogo Jota ventures into the esports world with the formation of Luna Galaxy, in partnership with Galaxy Racer, the team is set to compete in FIFA/EA Sports FC, DOTA 2, and Rocket League. With Diogo Jota’s passion for gaming and the expertise of Galaxy Racer, Luna Galaxy is poised to create waves in the competitive gaming arena. The focus on nurturing talent through bootcamps further demonstrates their commitment to the growth and development of the esports community. As the esports industry continues to evolve, Luna Galaxy’s entry under the leadership of Diogo Jota adds another exciting chapter to the story of esports’ rise to prominence.

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