Dive Into the Rural Reverie: SunnySide Sets to Sprout this May!

Cultivate Your Adventure in the Japanese Countryside on PC and Consoles

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Game On: SunnySide’s Farm-Fresh Debut!

Buckle up, fam! SunnySide is hitting the digital shelves with its PC launch set for 24th May, and console gamers on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S can jump into the fray starting 10th July. Crafted by the indie mavens at RainyGames, SunnySide dishes out a farm and life sim experience that’s got more layers than an onion in an anime.

What’s Cooking in SunnySide?

Get ready to juggle radishes and relationships in this vibrant Japanese village. SunnySide ain’t your grandpa’s farm sim; it’s a modern slice-of-life adventure where you grow over a hundred types of crops and bond with a quirky cast of over 25 characters. The game’s hang out system lets you flex your farming prowess while getting cozy with the locals.

A Plot of Your Own

The scene is set in a quaint Japanese town, oozing charm and secrets, where players step into their boots to unravel a compelling narrative. And if you’re itching for a sneak peek, there’s a demo on Steam showcasing the first 10 days of pastoral bliss.

Gear Up for Physical and Plush Delights

Mark your calendars, collectors! Physical copies for PS5 will be available from 12th July. Plus, a Sparky plush from Makeship is dropping on 12th April, teasing fans with a limited-edition cuddle buddy from the game.

Life, Crops, and Memory Drops

In SunnySide, life’s a peach until you’re digging through cave-ins with Sparky, a thousand-year-old drone with a sass level over 9000. This amnesiac buddy needs your help to piece together its past and uncover the human condition.

Your Slice of Heaven

The game offers more than just farming; it’s about carving out your niche in a post-town setting. Modern tech meets rural life, allowing players to weave into the community fabric, dabbling in local businesses, and maybe even sparking a countryside romance.

Unleash Your Inner Farmer-Flâneur

With SunnySide, individuality is key. Customization goes wild here, from shaping your avatar and farmstead to pimping out your in-game phone. It’s all about creating a space that screams ‘you’.

Community and Caves: The Double C’s of Country Life

Beyond the tranquil life, SunnySide offers a community to be part of and mysterious caves to explore. The game introduces a cozy card-based battle system that complements its exploration and narrative elements, adding spice to the pastoral life.

Gameplay that Grows on You

SunnySide promises an experience that refreshes the farm sim genre, blending community integration, personal expression, and a novel combat system into a rural escapade.

Language No Barrier

Available in multiple languages including English, French, Spanish, Japanese, German, and Simplified Chinese, SunnySide is ready to welcome a global audience to its pastoral paradise.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S

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