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Dota 2 is famous for being the first esports discipline to surpass the $1,000,000 prize pool (which happened at The International 2011). Since 2014, the prize pool for Dota 2 esports has reached tens of millions of dollars. The International 10 is currently the most-watched Dota 2 tournament with 2,741,514 viewers and 107 million hours watched.

The average daily online dota 2 matches are about 450,000 players, and at the peak of dota 2 esports teams, this number can reach 750,000+. The number of users may vary depending on the season, time of year, and release of new events or major patches.

Annual international esports dota 2 played a big role in the development of this direction. Every time they break prize pool records. For example, in 2021, Dota 2 recent matches totaled over $40 million.

How much do Dota 2 Pro players make?

The top players from all sports have certainly received their fair share of large prize pools, but they all pale in comparison to the prize pools seen in dota 2 esports.

The annual dota 2 matches, The International has boasted a multi-million dollar prize pool for years, but TI10 had the largest prize pool not just for dota 2 placement matches but for any esports tournament at $40,018,400, surpassing $30 million. that Epic Games offered for the Fortnite World Cup

It follows that the players who win these competitions are the highest-paid players in all of esports.

Who is the best pro player in Dota 2? 

Daniel “Dendy” Ishutin was the first dota 2 esports superstar. To this day, he remains the most beloved player in dota 2 today’s games. His success started from the very start of the game by winning Valve’s first international tournament with Natus Vincere. He then made it to the TI2 and TI3 Grand Finals in later years. Gifted with exceptionally quick fingers, Dendy was untouchable in his prime and wasn’t afraid to go to YOLO esports dota 2 plays, much to the delight of fans.

Unlike his peers, Dandy also enjoyed the attention. A natural performer can move the crowd with his antics and stay in the news, such as the Gangnam-style taunt on stage during a TI3 All-Star match, the infamous Pudge Fountain Hook, or Pudge Cosplay. Dandy’s iconic status was further solidified when he appeared as the title character in Valve’s Free to Play documentary. Aside from his outrageous skill and infectious charisma, Dandy was also a top man. Despite varying levels of success, he remained with Natus Vincere for eight years, becoming a springboard for their global success.

After a short break from dota 2 esports, Dendy returned to the professional scene with the creation of his team, B8.

Does Dota 2 have eSports?

Esports dota 2 is very active. Each year, Valve hosts several seasons of Dota Pro Circuit regional leagues. At the end of the tournament season, the best teams compete at The International, which is called dota 2 matches online.

Every professional Dota 2 match is played in Captain Mode, which begins with the captains of both teams taking turns picking and banning heroes in the draft stage, hence the name.

In dota 2 esports, one team chooses which side they start on: Radiant or Dire. The other team may choose 1st or 2nd pick, resulting in a different draft order.

The project will be where they decide which heroes they will play with. Teams alternate between ban and pick phases, with both teams building their lineups to either launch a successful strategy, counter the enemy, or get heroes they feel comfortable playing dota 2 pro games with today.

While casual viewers may miss watching the draft, unfolding it gives them a glimpse of the mind games both teams are playing before they even get into a clash. Of course, knowing how the picks and bans went provides valuable context on what’s going on during esports dota 2.

Each dota 2 match is observed from the point of view of an independent observer who controls the camera to show a certain part of the map for viewers to see during the broadcast.

Between the rosters for both teams, there is an in-game clock that shows how long dota 2 matches last. The flanking hours are the kill scores for both teams that show how many kills they scored during the game. While the team that has the most kills usually leads in dota 2 esports, this is not always the case. The best indicator of who is in the lead will be the badge that appears below the team’s kill score, which indicates how much gold leader they currently own.

On the sides of the clock are stripes that show the results of both teams in the match. Each bar starts in gray in the first game of dota 2 ongoing matches, with a bar lit up to show how many games the team has won during the match.

This fact makes esports dota 2 especially interesting to watch from a historical point of view. Some players have built up an almost mythological reputation, and pouring out footage of their game and spreadsheets of their tournament in an attempt to separate fact from fiction is an interesting exercise.

Esports in Dota 2 are highly developed and are developing at a high speed every year. He already has his stars and favorites, but everything can always change. Follow the dota 2 matches schedule and place your bets. So you can combine watching this legendary game and earning.

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