EA SPORTS PGA TOUR Update 2.0: Introducing the 3-Click Swing and More

EA SPORTS PGA TOUR has released Title Update 2.0, a significant update to the video game since its launch on April 7th. The developers have been actively listening to the community’s feedback and implemented various improvements in this update. Title Update 2.0 includes new fast play presentation settings, green grid changes, bug fixes, UI updates, PC-related issues, in-game content, and more. One notable addition is the 3-click swing, now available as an alternative control method.

Some highlights from Patch 2.0 are:

  1. Addition of 3-click swing feature
  2. New Presentation settings added
    • Fast Play: Skips player reaction and putting walk up NIS automatically for a faster presentation experience
    • Putt Meter: Turns on/off the putt meter visibility
    • Button Hints: Turns on/off button hint displayed at the bottom of the screen during gameplay
  3. Green grid improvements: The green grid now quickly fades out after the ball is hit to help with ball visibility and address player feedback.
  4. Enhanced accuracy on green grid beads for more accurate flow on the green, including Augusta hole 16
  5. PC mouse support additions
  6. Camera fixes for unplayable lie animations when the camera was placed in areas blocking visibility
  7. Cup resizing to match the physics model 1:1, preventing the ball from rolling past when it appears to lip in
  8. Unified messaging allowing players to view frequent updates via the content feature panel in the main menu
  9. Shot types screen added in the Pause menu, explaining all different shot types
  10. Store content added, including hats, shoes, drivers, and more
  11. Shot types explanation graphic added to the Pause Menu
  12. Fix for an online issue: Backing out of the Event info Screen while a countdown is in progress will no longer load users in the wrong course the next time they matchmake

The developers encourage players to share the news and provide feedback for future improvements.

Platforms: PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Microsoft Windows

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