Enter the VR Battlefield with Realm Protector: A Tower Defence Revolution

Experience the Ultimate Fusion of Action, RPG, and Tower Defence in VR on December 8th!

A New Era of Tactical VR Gaming

Ready Your Defences in Realm Protector

Unleashing a fresh wave in the world of VR gaming, Realm Protector is set to hit the scene on December 8th. This isn’t your average tower defence game. Merging action-packed gameplay with RPG elements, “Realm Protector” promises a gameplay experience that’s both deep and exhilarating.

Building Your Arsenal

Diverse Towers, Endless Strategies

“Realm Protector” elevates strategic play with four unique tower types, each harnessing the power of different elements: arcane, fire, ice, and electricity. Players can strategically place these towers by aiming at specific map locations, using resources earned in combat. This feature adds an engaging layer of strategy, allowing for diverse and dynamic defence tactics.

Horde Mode: A New Challenge

100+ Enemies for Non-Stop Action

Stepping up the intensity, “Realm Protector” boasts a HORDE mode featuring over 100 individual enemy units per level. This expanded gameplay offers a stark contrast to the standard 15 enemies per level seen in most tower defence games, ensuring a relentless and thrilling battle every time.

Weaponry and Challenges

From Lightning Gloves to Electric Arrows

Starting with lightning control gloves, players will eventually unlock a bow with electric arrows, broadening their combat capabilities. This extensive range of weaponry opens up new tactical possibilities, keeping the gameplay fresh and engaging.

Modes for Every Warrior

Survival and Hardcore Challenges Await

Realm Protector caters to different skill levels and preferences with various gameplay modes. The later-available Survival mode and a hardcore mode provide grueling challenges. In hardcore mode, enemies boast increased resistance, resources are scarce, and certain game mechanics are restricted, pushing players to their limits.

Realm Protector is gearing up to be a major contender in the VR gaming arena, blending strategy, action, and RPG elements into an immersive tower defence experience. With its diverse buildings, expanded gameplay, extensive weaponry, and challenging modes, it’s poised to offer a fresh and thrilling experience to VR gamers. The battlefield awaits – are you ready to protect your realm?

Platforms: Meta Quest 3

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