Overwatch 2 Season 8 Unleashed: The Hunt is On!

Enter the Beast Hunter Saga with New Hero, Game Modes, and Winter Festivities

Watch the recent Mauga Animated Short, “A GREAT DAY”

Mauga Enters the Fray

Mauga, Overwatch 2’s latest tank hero, steps into the battlefield bringing dual chainguns and a host of destructive abilities. After a sneak peek at BlizzCon 2023, this fierce tactician is now a permanent addition, boasting enhanced firepower and armor. Check out the patch notes for a deep dive into Mauga‘s upgraded arsenal.

Beast Mode: Battle of the Beasts

Season 8 introduces ‘The Battle of the Beasts’, a thrilling 4v4 PvPvE mode where players guard their Grand Beast while attempting to conquer the opponent’s. Mauga debuts as a free tank option in this mode, surrounded by other hunter-themed heroes, ramping up the battle intensity.

Seasonal Rewards & Challenges

Engage in ‘Battle of the Beasts’ and other favorite modes until December 18 to snag exclusive cosmetics, including a Mauga highlight intro and a new name card. Climb the Season 8 Battle Pass with up to 25,000 XP up for grabs, aiming for the Mythic Grand Beast Orisa skin in the Premium tier.

Innovate with Hard Light Weapon Skins

Season 8 marks the launch of Weapon Skins, starting with the Hard Light theme for Rein, Reaper, and Mercy. These skins bring a fresh look and feel to weapons, complete with unique visual and audio effects. Stay tuned for more Weapon Skins in future updates.

Winter Wonderland Returns

Celebrate the festive season starting December 19 with Winter Wonderland. New holiday skins, legendary skin choices, and fan-favorite modes like Mei’s Snowball Offensive and Yeti Hunt await, filled with fresh challenges and rewards.

Hero Mastery Courses & Features

Get ready for a new set of Hero Mastery courses featuring Echo, Genji, Mei, D.Va, and Lucio, starting January 2. This five-week event offers new challenges and cosmetic rewards. Plus, Season 8 introduces replay bookmarks, offering a smoother experience in reviewing gameplay.

Ring in the Year of the Dragon

Concluding Season 8, the Lunar New Year event brings back the Mischief and Magic prop hunt mode and introduces new Legendary skins. Join the festivities on the Lijiang Night Market map from January 30 and revel in returning modes like Capture the Flag and Bounty Hunter Deathmatch.

Unlock, Upgrade, and Customize

Over 25 new cosmetics, including 2 Epic Skins, are up for grabs. The Premium Battle Pass opens the door to 80 tiers of rewards, including the Grand Beast Orisa Mythic skin. The Ultimate Battle Pass Bundle offers even more, like 20 tier skips and exclusive skins. Plus, individual skin purchases are now available for Overwatch Coins in the Hero Gallery.

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Platforms: PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Xbox Series X|S

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