Escape from Tarkov Review

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Escape from Tarkov throws you into a beautiful and immersive fps world with visual and sound effects that add such realism and give a true feeling that you are really deep within the game.

The aim of the game is to enter a raid on a portion of the map and fill your pockets with loot and then escape all the while confronting AI enemies and also other players. To escape from Tarkov you must find an extraction zone before it’s too late, the game gives a great risk and reward system the more gear you take in with you the better your chances are however should you die say goodbye to that gear. It really makes you think carefully about what you are willing to lose should you not win the fight, but don’t forget everyone else is thinking the same.


The game offers a fantastic range of weapons with a huge set of customisation options, customise your character with bags armour vest helmets and even night vision.

On my first visit to Tarkov I found it quite hard to figure out what to do and how to play, I found locating the extraction points difficult and there were no introduction/instructions to guide me on my journey. As time grows you will pick up locations and the feel for the current maps as with any game, If you are looking for that real feel fps where you next footstep may be your last then Tarkov is the place you need to visit.

However let’s talk about the things that bugged me, when you head into a raid at night expect to walk around almost blind now I know this is part of the reason to make it immersive but it makes the game so difficult to play and as a streamer it made for harsh viewing for my viewers. I found it difficult to work out which weapon takes which ammo etc could it have been made easier? Trading seemed hard having to get a weapon then a mag then bullets from each trader etc this was frustrating as I spent loads of cash on a gun and bullets to find I could not buy a mag to finish off my gun as I didn’t have the right items to trade. I found spawning in a pain I spawn in I turn round to set off and someone runs out of a bush and I’m dead, I love a challenge but the fear of losing items was so big in this game it put me off going into a raid.

Overall I think this game has huge potential and once fully released will do well, currently in beta testing but plays really well and so far I have not encountered any bug issues. My only worry is what will be the long term goal in a few months what will prevent the boredom of end game when your weapons are fully loaded and your bags are stocked. Have they made it just too hard to make the realism stand out and to keep that feeling of dread every time you move? If that’s the case then they have achieved what they wanted but will that put everyone but the hard core people off only time will tell.

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