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Red Bull released an all-new analytics-focused content series in partnership with Panda Global’s PGstats.com, which dives into the data and analytics of the FGC to uncover and re-examine iconic players, tournaments, and eras from the history of fighting games. Following the success of last year’s pilot episode, Beastalytics with Daigo, episode two chronicles Daigo “The Beast” Umehara transition into the Street Fighter V era.

The history of competitive fighting games is full of legendary players who built their legacies with iconic tournament wins, improbable victories and eras of dominant play. These legends each have different strategies and play styles that have made them superstars, but exactly what makes these play styles elite can be difficult for the everyday player to fully understand. This series dives into the different nuances of these strategies and why certain athletes play the way they do.

Episode two chronicles Daigo’s transition from Ryu to Guile during the Street Fighter V era, as he put together a strong run of performances that allowed him to qualify for the Capcom Cup – ultimately turning in a top-eight finish to solidify his place amongst Street Fighter’s elite competitors for years to come.

The new series expands on the success of last year’s pilot episode, Beastalytics with Daigo, which focused on one of history’s greatest fighting game players, Daigo “The Beast” Umehara. The pilot analyzed the remarkable mentality and skill behind his iconic UmeShoryu, and how it helped him dominate Street Fighter IV. Fans can view the episode HERE only on the official Red Bull Gaming YouTube channel. This week’s episode premiere will be part of a larger content series with future episodes launching later this year.

As a tease for the future, Episode 3 will result in a pivot to Japan’s Bonchan and his red-hot run in summer of 2019, winning a remarkable four-straight Capcom Pro Tour event, including CEO and EVO. It’ll break down the stats behind his standout Karin play and contextualize just how remarkable this four-tournament run is in the overall history of the FGC.

Episodes 4-6 will move away from Street Fighter and into a whole different space in the FGC!

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