Fan ports Mario 64 into PC with 4K and UltraWide support!

A Mario fan recently released a port of the classic Nintendo 64 game Mario 64. It has been shared through various links on social media this weekend and posted on different download sites. (Be careful where you attempt to download this software) Fans were able to reverse engineer the game’s original source code ultimately unveiling a smooth gameplay experience in native 4K along with Ultrawide support.

A 12-minute video of the new port was released by a YouTube channel called Unreal. (Not affiliated with Epic Games) It seems to be showing an exceptionally smooth version of the game.

This version of Mario 64 is powered by DirectX 12 instead of mimicking the original N64 software. Third-party software like ReShade is also supported, it can add several visual effects like ambient occlusion and bloom lighting. It also has built-in controller support allowing you to use the analog sticks to change your camera angle.

It has not been confirmed this new port is a result 4chan data hack. Theoretically, if the source code for Nintendo 64, GameCube, and Wii were taken as reported then this type of port could easily be possible. Be wary if you trying to download this, many sites could use it as a ploy for malware injections.

Nintendo has a big year planned for Mario’s 35th anniversary and this was one of the titles on the list. Nintendo also announced plans to remaster Mario Galaxy. We will also see new Super Mario titles in 2020 which include a new installment in the Paper Mario series and a Deluxe version of 2013’s Super Mario 3D World.

Nintendo will most likely throw down he ban hammer wherever it can over the next few weeks. Do not expect this fan-created PC port of Mario 64 to be easily available as more time passes.

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