FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH Unveils 30-Minute Gameplay at Tokyo Game Show 2023

Gamers, it’s time to put those save points to good use because Square Enix just dished out a main course of eye candy at Tokyo Game Show 2023. Hold on to your Buster Swords as we deep dive into the deets.

New Gameplay Footage Lights up the Tokyo Stage

Cloud and the gang are back, and they’re not just moseying through Midgar anymore. Square Enix showcased a near half-hour of new gameplay footage, letting fans get a first look at the Grasslands near Kalm. From side quests to Chocobo-catching, it’s packed with endless possibilities. Word is Chadley’s back too. Wonder what materia he’s got up his lab coat this time?

High-Res Screenshots and Key Art Released

If screenshots are your game, Square’s got you covered. A buffet of images is now available showing off Mercenary Quests, Fiend Sightings, Mog’s Hut, and even mini-games like “Piano Performance” and “Queen’s Blood” card game.

The art scene gets a spicy new addition thanks to creative director Tetsuya Nomura. The latest key art features Tifa and Aerith in iconic form, with the ever-looming Sephiroth in the backdrop.

Delving into FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH’s Expansive World


For those seeking open space and mako-rich fields, the Grasslands await. But beware of swamplands. Best rent a Chocobo if you don’t fancy getting your boots muddy.

Under Junon

This one’s for the lore hounds. The ruined port town Under Junon serves as a new hub for displaced citizens.


Still serving as Shinra’s fortified bunker, Junon holds its own set of mysteries and underwater reactors.

Gold Saucer

Ready to gamble away your Gil? Gold Saucer is the place to be, with its energy-draining attractions open around the clock.

Customization, Jobs, and Intel Gathering

From customizing your own Chocobo at regional ranches to taking on mercenary odd jobs for some quick Gil, the game offers plenty. Keep an eye on noticeboards for work. Chadley’s research requests are also a big part of this, unlocking new areas and materia.

Exploration Markers

Remnawave Towers open up new research opportunities, while Chocobo Stops offer fast-travel points after a quick repair.

Combat Tweak and Strategy

New Limit Breaks and Synergy Abilities add layers to the combat system. Keep an eye on that limit gauge and ATB, as well-timed attacks can turn the tide of any battle.

Mini-Games and Leisure Activities

Whether you’re a maestro at the piano or a card shark in Queen’s Blood, mini-games are scattered throughout for your downtime pleasure.

Launch Details and Editions

Mark your calendars for February 29, 2024, when FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH hits the PS5. Preorders for various editions are live, each with its own set of goodies. But if you’ve got save files from prior FF7 titles, you can claim some bonus in-game items.

No doubt, there’s a ton to unpack here. Whether you’re in it for the story, the exploration, or the deep RPG mechanics, FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH aims to deliver an experience worthy of its legacy.

Keep it locked here for all the latest updates, gamers. And may your loot be epic and your EXP plentiful!

Platforms: PlayStation 5

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