Four of Quebec’s Hottest Indies Partner with LucidSound for PAX South Scavenger Hunt

PAX South 2018 is this weekend! From January 12-14, here’s what our Quebec-city based clients Chainsawesome Games, Bishop Games, Sabotage Studio and friends at Berzerk Studio are demoing at the show! Even if you already have plans to stop by, here’s a recap of what types of media opportunities are available and where to find them.

LucidSound, makers of premium audio products for gamers, has partnered with all four of these lovely indie developers for the LucidSound PAX South Scavenger Hunt. To take part, visit the LucidSound Booth (#10460) and sign up for your first clue! Three lucky winners will take home one of LucidSound’s critically-acclaimed gaming headsets!

Game: Aftercharge
Developer: Chainsawesome Games
Platforms: Windows PC, XBox One
Release Date: Summer 2018
PAX South Booth: #10240


Check out the wildly competitive 3v3 asymmetrical multiplayer FPS Aftercharge, a game which pits invisible robots against an invincible security squad in high-octane tactical matches! Attendees can play for themselves what’s sure to be one of 2018’s most unique multiplayer shooters. Sign up with us or at the booth for the Beat the Developer Showdown event on Sunday, January 14, 2018 starting at 4:00 PM CST!

Game: The Messenger
Developer: Sabotage Studio
Platforms: Windows PC, Consoles
Release Date: TBD 2018
PAX South Booth: #10440

The first publicly playable build of the generation-leaping action platformer The Messenger is at PAX South! This game is a retro homage to NES and SNES games, packed with classically-inspired intense ninja action platforming, deep replay value, a cast of ridiculous characters, catchy chiptune music and lots of secret unlockables! Completionists and speedrunners are in for a treat!

Game: Light Fall
Developer: Bishop Games
Platforms: Windows PC, Mac and Consoles
Release Date: March 2018
PAX South Booth: #10261

The award-winning, visually captivating 2D platformer Light Fall premieres this week the game’s first boss, Animus — a rare and unlikely ally in the world of Numbra. Light Fall features a unique mechanic in which you command your own platform to move around and solve puzzles; its intriguing storyline and beautiful art style are also among its existing standout features. PAX South attendees will be the first to try their hand at freeing Animus the Sea Dragon from his restraints.

Game: Just Shapes & Beats
Developer: Berzerk Studio
Platforms: TBD
Release Date: TBA
PAX South Booth: #10259

The indie developer behind hit titles Berzerk Ball 1, Berzerk Ball 2, Sands of the Coliseum, The Peacekeeper and Zombidle, are bringing their trippy multiplayer-coop bullet-hell music game Just Shapes & Beats to PAX South. This multi award-winning game will get your blood pumpin’. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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