From Sojourner to Perseverance. Rover Mechanic Simulator presents the latest step in Mars exploration

Tomorrow (18th Feb 2021), at around 3.55 p.m. EST, Perseverance, the latest Mars Rover, will reach the surface of the Red Planet and begin its mission to find signs of life. To commemorate this event, Pyramid Games has prepared an add-on for Rover Mechanic Simulator which allows players to take care of NASA’s youngest prodigy. The DLC will be available tomorrow on Steam.

The core gameplay of Rover Mechanic Simulator revolves around maintenance and repairing martian rovers. As for now, Perseverance is the last chapter of unmanned Mars exploration, which began in 1997 with the Pathfinder mission and Sojourner rover. With the addition of Percy to its roster, Rover Mechanic Simulator is one of the largest sources of information about these machines, with detailed 3D models which can be disassembled for further study.

“Space has never ceased to fascinate us and we have our popcorn ready for watching Percy reach Mars. This is a remarkable achievement for mankind and we wanted to present it to players in Rover Mechanic Simulator. Perseverance is equipped with the latest sensors and research equipment designed to look for signs of life on Mars. But that’s not all, for example MOXIE is an instrument that will test the possibility of producing oxygen beyond Earth. The rover will be supported by Ingenuity, the first drone able to fly in an extraterrestrial atmosphere. Since November this machine has also been available in our game” – says Jacek Wyszyński, CEO of Pyramid Games.

The developers of Rover Mechanic Simulator have modeled Perseverance using detailed photographs and blueprints provided by NASA. The team worked on the rover for six months in collaboration with professionals who construct space vehicles.

Thanks to the latest DLC players will be able to get familiar with Perseverance’s mission and feel like real space engineers. NASA’s codenames and lingo will become their bread and butter. What’s the difference between MOXIE and SOXIE? PIXL sounds like some kind of graphic design company, but what is it doing on Mars? And these are just a few names of Preseverence’s scientific instruments. Players can get familiar with each one of them by tackling with ca. 1200 screws and dismantling over 200 unique parts of the latest rover. With the gamers’ help, Percy can participate in 30 different missions and discover many secrets that Mars still holds from us.

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