Funcell123 Reveals New Immortal Conquest: Europe Trailer

Hit mobile strategy war game featured on Google Play in most European countries

Mobile games publisher Funcell123 has revealed a new gameplay trailer for its recently released terrain-based strategy war game, Immortal Conquest: Europe. The game is currently being featured as a best new game on Google Play in all European countries and is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Check out Immortal Conquest: Europe’s challenging strategic gameplay here:

Alliances Matter

Set on a huge, shared, two-million-parcel game map, Immortal Conquest: Europe requires players to expand their kingdoms in order to thrive and survive. No player can play and succeed alone, forming alliances becomes essential in order to acquire the resources necessary to continue expanding territory and power. More than 200 alliances have already been created in the game in the first week of its release.

In the game’s early stages, players can expand their lands with the help of an ally’s assets and resources. But as the game proceeds, more collaborative work is required between alliances to conquer cities and territoris and extend one’s rule over the entire map.

Gairo Combos

Heroes, or Gairo as they are called in the game, play a unique and essential role in Immortal Conquest: Europe’s gameplay. Gairo serve as troop commanders and are imbued with specific attributes and skills that can be further leveled up or unlocked. Creating and deploying different combinations of the 300-plus available Gairo with their diverse skill sets can have a profound effect on battlefield performance. Offensively skilled Gairo can help unleash powerful attacks that can kill enemies in seconds, while those with strong defensive attributes can help troops withstand intense onslaughts.

Additional Game Elements

Immortal Conquest: Europe is a deep and complex game that puts a premium on careful strategic thinking and battlefield execution. Players must master military strategy, develop infrastructure, and intelligently allocate resources to grow their empire and realize ambitions. As one seasoned Immortal Conquest: Europe player put it, “Here, you need to think and be smarter.”

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