G2A.COM is developing modern recommendation and fraud protection systems

G2A.COM is establishing cooperation with Microsoft to develop modern recommendation systems and fraud protection based on Microsoft Azure. G2A.COM processes terabytes of data every day, thanks to which it can enhance both the shopping and customer service experience, as well as ensure the highest level of security. The innovative artificial intelligence mechanisms based on Microsoft Azure’s cloud technology will allow the dynamically growing digital gaming marketplace to further develop its recommendation system and adapt services to the needs of users, all while minimalizing the risk of potential fraud.

G2A.COM is a global ecosystem whose two core elements are G2A Marketplace, the world’s biggest and fastest growing digital gaming marketplace, and G2A PAY, a secure and convenient online payment gateway. G2A Marketplace currently has over 15 million users who come to browse 75,000 products from more than 300,000 sellers worldwide. In turn, G2A PAY offers clients over 200 global and local payment methods, helping businesses to scale their operations globally.

E-commerce driven by artificial intelligence – efficiency and security

G2A.COM and Microsoft’s cooperation will focus on utilizing Microsoft technology to analyze Big Data and develop new systems. The artificial intelligence services and mechanisms available in Microsoft Azure will also be used to develop best practices for consumer data protection.

“Our payment gateway G2A PAY supports a wide range of payment methods from every continent. G2A.COM’s entire ecosystem requires an elastic and appropriately advanced technological base. We are focusing in particular on developing and expanding our recommendation system, as well as maintaining a high level of security,” says Dorota Wrobel, G2A Marketplace General Manager at G2A.COM.

A few months ago, G2A.COM decided to use Microsoft technology to enhance its security system, which protects users against dishonest practices and financial fraud. “User safety on our platform is key. Azure’s ready-made services accelerate the development of the security solutions we are gradually introducing to better protect our customers,” adds Dorota Wrobel.
G2A.COM representatives emphasize the advantages of using a flexible and scalable Microsoft cloud. They recommend and benefit from a range of services, including HDInsight, KeyVault and the wide array of compatible open source solutions available on the market.

“We can quickly get the machines that we need to run new functionalities or, when customer use grows, increase their volume in existing services. Azure Cloud allows us to use ready-made services as well as open source solutions,” explains Daniel Wartolowski, Chief Technology Officer at G2A.COM.

Migrating to the cloud is a natural step for dynamically developing companies like G2A.COM, which strive to maintain the constant availability of their services and adapt the size of their infrastructure to meet market needs. When a given project requires less power than previously assumed, one can easily reduce the computing power used to maintain it while sustaining low infrastructure maintenance costs.

“E-commerce is a data driven business. The Microsoft cloud was built to make the most of its potential and to securely process it. The Microsoft Azure cloud technology used by G2A.COM’s systems allow the company to create unique solutions based on artificial intelligence. This in turn enables G2A.COM to increase transaction security and adjust offers for users based on real-time operations analysis. This is an important step towards constructing an intelligent information process system operating in the cloud,” emphasizes
Magda Taczanowska, Member of the Board, Director of the Enterprise Segment in the Polish branch of Microsoft.

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