Galaxy’s Grand Gala: Beacon Festival Lights Up Again

Infinite Lagrange Welcomes UAV Carrier with Stellar Festivities

Guiding Lights in the Cosmos: The Beacon Festival Ignites

Across the vast expanse of space, the Beacons of Infinite Lagrange have sparked to life, beckoning Explorers from all corners of the galaxy to a celebration unparalleled. This year, NetEase Games revives the Beacon Festival with a bang, introducing the game-changing UAV Carrier to Infinite Lagrange. This addition promises to elevate the strategic depth and combat dynamics of the game, offering a fresh wave of excitement for veterans and newcomers alike.

UAV Carrier: A New Dawn in Space Warfare

In the heart of the festival lies the unveiling of the UAV Carrier, a marvel of engineering designed by the renowned Jupiter Industries. Equipped with a state-of-the-art UAV system, this vessel is not just a carrier but a formidable force in its own right. Its advanced drones enhance the combat capabilities of small aircraft groups, ensuring that Explorers wielding this behemoth can dominate the battlefield from the skies.

Festival Highlights: Unity, Exploration, and Rewards

The theme for this year’s Beacon Festival, Galaxy Reformation, pays homage to the intrepid Explorers who ventured into the unknown, guided by the Beacons. The festival’s epicenter, Antonas, will witness a grand assembly of Explorers and Orgs, celebrating their achievements and unity with various events and shows.

Highlights include the mesmerizing UAV Plasma Show and the Gravity Detection Operation, promising over 3000 Proxima Coins in rewards. The Beacon Marketplace emerges as a treasure trove for Explorers, offering rare loot, exclusive premium liveries, and much more to the highest bidder.

Embarking on a New Chapter

As Explorers gear up for this grand cosmic fiesta, the Beacon Festival stands as a testament to humanity’s relentless pursuit of the stars. With its rich narrative and the introduction of the UAV Carrier, Infinite Lagrange continues to offer a compelling space saga that captivates and challenges its players.

NetEase Games invites all to join in this grand celebration, marking another significant milestone in the Infinite Lagrange odyssey. As Demi Yan, Senior Global Publishing Director at NetEase Games, aptly puts it, the Beacon Festival is not just an event; it’s a symbol of mankind’s enduring spirit and prosperity across the stars.

Embark on this grand adventure and carve your path among the stars. The Beacon Festival awaits, with its promises of glory, camaraderie, and the endless pursuit of the unknown.

Infinite Lagrange Ushers in Dawn Celebration with Air Racing, Sightseeing, and Exclusive Rewards

Platforms: Android, GeForce Now, Microsoft Windows

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