Game Insight Reveals My Country and Guns of Boom Apps Enhanced With ARKit

Guns of Boom gets AR eSports spectator mode while My Country lets players create cities in their living room

Game Insight has unveiled their first two apps that utilize ARKit for iPhone and iPad. My Country is an augmented reality (AR) city builder game, while the company’s team-based shooter Guns of Boom will be getting an AR spectator mode, allowing eSports viewers to check out the action from every angle.


“ARKit has enabled us to create experiences within My Country that blur the line between the player’s world and their creation. This has always been the nirvana of city building games, and we’re ecstatic to help players feel like a real part of their cities,” said Anatoly Ropotov, CEO of Game Insight. “And with Guns of Boom, it has also given us the opportunity to look at unique AR possibilities beyond gameplay. With the growth of eSports audiences on the rise, we were able to use ARKit to rethink how viewers can experience watching their favorite games. With Guns of Boom AR spectator mode, eSports fans can watch a living diorama of gameplay unfold before their eyes.”



Created using ARKit, My Country features miniature worlds with citizens in the countryside, at the airport, inside the train station, around the marina, and across the skyscraper district that are transported into your real world through AR. Players can snap AR pictures of themselves, posing with their creations as a huge giant overlooking the city. By swooping in with their iPhone or iPad, they can solve real-world problems, such as traffic jams, by working with individual residents to make sure their needs are met. And by waving their device over the city like a magic wand, they can attract profits to fund further development.


Both My Country and Guns of Boom’s AR spectator mode were experimental projects created in just 3 months following the release of the ARKit framework. My Country is the latest game in the franchise that, along with Game Insight’s Paradise Island, launched the city builder genre on mobile more than 5 years ago. My Country was also one of the early mobile games to feature 3D graphics.


“The addition of an AR game to the My Country franchise takes simulation to a new level.  Beyond simply running around cities playing games, players can now create and nurture their very own cities while bringing them alive in their own environments,” added Ropotov.


My Country is available for iPhone and iPad on the App Store.

Guns of Boom is available for iPhone and iPad on the App Store — the new AR spectator mode will be available as a free update this October.

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