GameChanger Charity, a global non-profit enterprise providing aid and relief for young people battling life-threatening illnesses, as well as their families and caregivers, has created its own unique Twitch extension, available now. Made in collaboration with Twitch, this new extension integrates easily into participating broadcasters’ streams and is the first developed by a non-profit organization to directly drive its humanitarian impact efforts.

“We’ve been working very closely with the development team at Twitch, and we’re incredibly grateful for their overwhelming faith and support,” said GameChanger Charity CEO and co-founder Jim Carol. “The gaming community, particularly broadcasters and their viewers, has long been one of our greatest sources of generosity and enthusiasm, and our new Twitch extension will make it easier than ever to connect their thoughtful energies with the children in need who rely on them.”

GameChanger’s Twitch extension allows Twitch broadcasters and viewers to support and promote the charity’s core giving activities in aid of children battling life-threatening illnesses and the challenging recovery periods that often follow them. Proceeds made from the extension will be used to support the purchase of video games, gaming and VR hardware, and even college scholarships for children identified by the hospital care teams who work with them and their families on a daily basis.

The GameChanger Charity Twitch extension is designed with a number of features to make it friendlier to streamers and viewers – and ultimately patients – than competing Twitch extension donation services. The extension recognizes individual donors to the community in real-time, and up-to-the-minute stories and images from the charity’s ongoing work can be shared on stream in Tweet-sized snippets. Furthermore, thanks to Amazon Pay’s program for non-profits, the transaction fee for each donation is lower than those of other for-profit services, meaning a greater share of each donation goes to helping those in need.

GC in hospital

GameChanger’s Twitch extension was crowned the winner of Amazon Web Services’ recent Non-Profit Hackathon for Social Good, a coding competition at the AWS re:Invent 2018 conference designed to identify and brainstorm actionable solutions for challenges facing non-profit organizations today. Participants in the event focused on stress-testing the extension while innovating new ways to more effectively inform, engage and empower the community around the charity’s mission.

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