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Content creation in the video game industry houses a wide range of talented professionals who come from various backgrounds and ways of life. Throughout the years of growth within said industry, there has been development with an increased demand for stable, reliable, and well set-up locations for numerous areas of content creation. From popular YouTube channels or Twitch streamers looking for a dedicated space with everything you need at your fingertips, to a recognized Esports team looking to find a space for the team to live — there are many things that need to be considered when trying to find a space in order to feel comfortable as well as productive. What if there was a place where all of this and more could be achieved without the worry that your ways of content creation will be hindered? A place where you will be surrounded by like-minded individuals who are part of the same industry that you are part of. No longer would landlords, condo boards, or HOA’s (HomeOwners Association) be a problem to worry about. Well, this is exactly what Content Village aims to be and so much more! With Esports and gaming in general in mind, Content Village stands to become an epicenter of fantastic content creation for various aspects of the video game and Esports industry.

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Content Village is the project of Grey Enterprises Incorporated and will be breaking ground in Arlington, Texas in the near future — signaling the beginning of a big opportunity for content creators. Content Village will feature 70+ apartment homes with full views of downtown Arlington, and 15 of these 70 apartments will be designated for traveling Esport teams and the remaining suits will be used for content personalities such as Youtubers, Streamers, and Esport Athletes. The residential building will be attached directly to a massive administration building and a clubhouse that will be host to extensive amenities for residents. There will be boardroom offices, a large LAN setup, editing bays, a streaming center with room to host an Esports match, a fitness center, swimming pool, cryo center, coin laundry, and an indoor dog park.

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Each rentable suit will come with the inclusion of water, sewer, and trash in the rental charge. Property management by Grey Enterprises Incorporated will include extensive 24-hour security to ensure  all residents’ safety. Suits that will be available to content creators and Esports teams alike will range from one to four bedroom suits as well as five bedroom team suits. Each rental option will come with access to the LAN bay and board rooms within the administrative building (with the ability to rent further space as needed). Team suits will come with two fully outfitted editing editing bays for private use. Units will include central heat and A/C, complete kitchen appliances, energy star refrigerator and lighting, ceiling fans in bedrooms and living rooms, as well as semi-soundproof walls.

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Content Village Mission Statement:

It’s hard to imagine a secure place to live as a content creator. Everywhere you go, they just don’t understand you. At Content Village, that’s exactly what we are fighting against.

The one place where it is strictly people just like YOU from all walks of life and industries. We are proud to be the first ever residential complex to only house Streamers, Content Creators, Pro Esport Teams, and the entire management teams that make a well-oiled machine. In order to be the best, you must compete against the best. Come live at the Village of Creation and show the world what there is to create at Content Village.

Being surrounded by like-minded creators will provide possibilities that are not available elsewhere and will inspire collaboration that has never been seen before. From pro Esport teams arranging scrims with one another while never having to leave the building, to popular Youtube creators collaborating and inspiring one another the ability to simply create content will never be easier. With a fiber-optic internet connection and cutting-edge technology available, there will be no better place for a content creator to live. Esport teams will be able to cut back on the expenses of practice space, office space, travel time, and living expenses by embracing all that Content Village has to offer. There will be unique activities being offered to the residents of Content Village, such as: Community Stream nights, weekly creator pool parties, community LAN parties, and events like Streamers VS Youtubers, Streamers VS Pro Players, and so on. These are just a few examples of the opportunities that will only be available at Content Village!

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With plans to continue to grow its experience into its future, Content Village stands to make a huge impact on the industry. Stay tuned to for your first look at information on Content Village as we exclusively cover every aspect you’ll need to know during its steps in becoming a game-changer in content creation and the entertainment industry as a whole. You can also stay updated by visiting the Content Village twitter at:

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