Gangs of Sherwood: A Futuristic Twist on Robin Hood’s Tale Hits PC and Consoles

Epic Co-op Battles Await in NACON's Latest Action-Adventure Release

A New Robin Hood Saga Unfolds

NACON and Appeal Studios have just dropped a game-changer for all ye merry gamers: Gangs of Sherwood. This isn’t your granddad’s Robin Hood. It’s available now for the PlayStation®5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC gamers via Epic Games Store and Steam.

Enemies Galore: The Sheriff’s Got Company

Gear up for some intense showdowns in Gangs of Sherwood. It’s not just about the notorious Sheriff of Nottingham anymore. This game ups the ante with a squad of mighty foes, including the likes of Guy of Gisbourne and the Prioress of Kirklees. Robin Hood and his crew have got their work cut out for them.

Four Solid Reasons to Join the Sherwood Squad

  1. A Fresh Take on a Classic: Dive into a science-fantasy Robin Hood universe where medieval meets future tech.
  2. Iconic Characters Reimagined: Play as revamped legends like the stealthy Maid Marian, healer Friar Tuck, brawny Little John, or the legendary archer Robin Hood.
  3. Epic and Dynamic Combat: Tailor your battle skills and style for some high-octane action.
  4. Stronger in Numbers: Whether solo or in a team of up to four players, synergy is key to overpowering the Sheriff’s forces.

Gameplay and Features

Gangs of Sherwood is a narrative-driven co-op action-adventure, perfect for 1-4 players. The gameplay is quick and intense, promising high replay value in a creatively reimagined world. The Sheriff, powered by the Lionheart stone, has never been more oppressive. Players will experience explosive combat and craft spectacular combos in this unique fusion of science-fantasy and the Robin Hood legend.


Ready to join the fight? Gangs of Sherwood is out now for PlayStation®5, Xbox Series X|S, and on PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store. The battle for Sherwood just got a high-tech upgrade, and it’s waiting for you.

Platforms: PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Microsoft Windows

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