Gatewalkers alpha launches very soon!

Gatewalkers, a cooperative survival game with RPG elements, is still awaiting its release in 2020, but players are welcome to join the open alpha.

The developers – A2 Softworks – announced that their flagship title will enter alpha on December 18th. It is a very important step for Gatewalkers and developer cannot wait to get feedback from players.

“Gatewalkers is still in alpha, so all elements can be changed or tweaked, says Andrzej Stroiński. At this point we would like to see how players get powerful by combining elements and how mobs react to players’ behaviour. All feedback is very important for us.”

Procedurally generated environments, dynamic strategies, unpredictable conditions and tons of unexplored worlds. Team up with other players and start the mission. The fate of your world depends on your success. Unlike other games from the genre, Gatewalkers smoothly mixes survival game with RPG elements, creating a unique combination of in-game mechanics like no other game before.


Gatewalkers features:

  • Team Co-op – team up with up to 4 players, fight terrifying monsters, survive extreme weather conditions and stay alive!
  • World exploration – each world type introduces a unique survival mechanic that forces players to adapt
  • Team survival – share the responsibilities, surviving is easier together than alone
  • Skill based combat – no target system: all of the skills may be missed
  • Crafting – choose an item, get the materials and appropriate recipe in order to build it
  • You are what you wear – there are no character-classes, (with your clothing) you (can) decide what your strategy will be
  • Procedural worlds generation – you never know what will happen after you cross the Gate…
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