Gaurdians of Ember Review

Guardians of Ember the new hack and slash meets MMO, most people come into the game comparing it to Diablo but it’s a whole different beast, you can JUMP! You can also jump with your mount (What), fish, craft, all the fun MMO Jazz.  Sometimes in a game is the little things that make you happy. There were a few minor bugs at first but it was smooth sailing after level 15.


The graphics are clean and crisp shadows, camera blur on the edges when you are zoomed into full it feels like a top end MMO. Character customization is huge, you could spend an hour just making your toon look that way you want it and it counts the Zoom is real. No stutter or lag on this i7 1080ti with a 200hz monitor 300mbps internet.


Gameplay is like most MMO’s low levels are always slow as an introduction but it heats up plenty you will die within the first few hours if you’re not careful. The game is missing one of my favorite MMO mechanics is the look around hold control or alt and you can spin the camera around your character, this is a bit huge for me in this type of game. I will say the jumping made up for every physical dodge just feels better when you can jump. The dungeons are hard at higher tier you won’t be disappointed.



The world music is hardcore pumping super motivating epic battle music. Using the Steel series headphones, I could hear all the works, lots of deep base on moves that require it and simple attacks. Missing was the ambience footsteps, crickets, brush steps, and wind. Not a deal breaker but those sounds are super important to an MMO player. AFK life?


All in all, the game goes on and on and gets harder and harder just like an MMO should. It’s a great buy at the price point just don’t let up after the first few levels. Guardian’s developers did great work and it’s not finished yet this game is in early access I imagine once its release will be a 5 out of 5. Don’t forget to check out the awesome costumes in the DLC, it makes the world go around!  Happy casting!

Coming soon Guardians of Ember PVP review and Crafting Review!

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