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Gears 5 soundtrack bursts onto vinyl

Gear up, as Gears of War comes to vinyl for the first time ever. Laced Records has partnered with The Coalition and Xbox Game Studios to bring the magnificent Gears 5 soundtrack to vinyl. Across 18 tr...

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Gears of War 5 — Xbox One Review

For many gamers, Gears of War 5 was the most highly-anticipated release on Xbox this year — a return to the classic, third-person shooter series that is known for its fluid controls, outlandish weapon...

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gamescom: Gears 5 Debuts Campaign Story Trailer, Named “Best Xbox One Game”

Today at Opening Night Live, Rod Fergusson, Studio Head of The Coalition, joined host Geoff Keighley to present the worldwide debut of the Gears 5 Campaign Story Trailer, titled “Kait, Unleashed.” The...

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Gears 5 Technical Tests Launch July 19th

It’s finally happening Gears Fans … as Microsoft will host two versus multiplayer technical tests sessions for Gears 5 later this month! As Microsoft promised at E3 2019, a technical test for Ge...

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