GGPredict launches the Virtual AI Coach for over 26 million amateur Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players.

GGPredict wants to give every Counter-Strike player an analytical tool that not only analyzes their game but also gives them precise tips on how to get better and work on those aspects of the game that need to be improved. The idea that has won several startup competitions is now entering the market and is looking for the first testers.

Until recently, esport was considered more fun than a serious sport. However, recent years have made its position stronger, attracting the attention of mainstream media and the public. According to Newzoo’s analytical report, the global e-sport market will be worth 1.1 billion USD in 2020. It is one of the few industries that is developing so dynamically despite the negative impact of the pandemic on the economy – during the lockdown, about 30% growth was recorded. Counter-Strike is among the most profitable titles, generating over 30% of the industry’s revenue.

Research shows that esport players from an early age devote more time to training than traditional sports enthusiasts. At the same time, they are alone – there is no systematic training system or experienced coaches available for children who want to develop into in esport. As a result, hundreds of hours of training are ineffective, and the effort put into development – properly directed, could give much better results. That is why we want to create a tool that will help players become better – Przemek Siemaszko, CEO of GGPredict.

GGPredict uses match records in CS:GO game format to track millions of events during each match. Then, using advanced statistical methods and Machine Learning, it extracts exactly the data that is relevant and crucial for playing matches and improving player play. Player performance is also compared to the world’s largest database of professional matches, giving amateurs the context they need to fully understand the data.

A beta version of the tool is currently available, in which you can find:

Development radar.

The focal point of the Virtual Trainer is the development radar, which illustrates in eight main aspects the player’s game and the progress he scores. These features include accuracy of shooting, ability to rotate on the map, cooperation with the team, ability to use grenades, and many more.


With the largest database in the world, GGPredict is able to compare the player style to the best players in the world. This helps to understand your position in the team, your style, and also gives you tips on who to follow and analyze in order to best develop. Who wouldn’t want to know that he shoots like s1mple?

Detailed analysis of the match.

Ultimately, each player’s match will be analyzed in over 150 different metrics covering aspects such as economics management, heat maps, shooting accuracy, and the use of weapons in each round.

In the coming weeks, there will be added features related to the spray control during shooting, working on accuracy, hitbox, and many more.

Currently, the platform is compatible with Steam and FaceIT – after connecting the accounts, matches will be automatically downloaded and analyzed. Beta tests are free and will last until further notice.

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