GrandChase Update Ushers in New Ranger Hero “Lapis”

KOG Games, a leading developer and publisher of popular free-to-play Mobile RPG GrandChase, has released its newest SR Hero, Lapis. It is offering Lapis for free through the on-going Pre-registration event.

Neither Angel nor Demon, Lapis is an Abaddon, a race of which no one knows the origins of. Neither welcome among the Celestial or Demon Worlds, Lapis chose to be a messenger between the two, but was exiled from Heaven.

After settling in the Demon World, Lapis fought in the Ancient Wars, showing power comparable to that of a demon king. With this power, she dealt terrible damage not only to her enemies, but also to the allied demon forces, causing them to fear and avoid her at all costs. Now Lapis watches from the sidelines as she manipulates the conflicts between Moderates and Hardliners, wondering which way she would like to have the scales tip next.

Lapis is a Ranger Hero, who uses the power of a Celestial Weapon known as Quasar. She specializes in dealing damage to nearby enemies with Area-Of-Effect attacks and punishing enemies in PvP. With her Wedge and Curse Resonance effects, Lapis can reduce the healing potential of her opponents while empowering her skills. Lapis comes with GrandChase’s newest upgrade system, Soul Imprint, making her able to hold her own with the best of the GrandChase.

Chasers who participated in the Pre-Registration Event can now login and use the code they received in their email to get Lapis. New and Returning Chasers can still sign up until April 26th 2021 to add this latest SR 5 Star Hero into their collection.

Lapis release comes on the heels of the Chaser Boost Up event, which allows players to pick 3 Heroes of their choice to accelerate them through the ranks of the Chaser system. Similar to SR Jumping, players will be able boost their selected Heroes up to Chaser Level 15 by completing in-game missions.

Chasers can also share the Lapis Pre-registration event to multiple social media platforms for Royal Hero Summon Tickets. All chasers will receive 1 ticket for participating and up to lucky 10 winners will be randomly chosen for the prize of 50 tickets.

With Lapis’ arrival comes Lapis exclusive events. Logging into GrandChase and playing with Lapis in your party for the week will double rewards in Adventure Dungeons in addition to rewarding materials for Lapis’ progression.

Sign up for the Lapis Pre-registration and more here:

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