GUNNAR Optiks Pendleton Review

GUNNAR Optiks joins forces with OSD (Outperform, Server & Develop) to bring you limited edition frames “Pendleton” retailing for $79.99 also available in prescription. In support of U.S. Veterans during National Military Appreciation Month, last May customers received a limited-edition patriotic glasses case if they donated an extra $5 with their purchase of Pendleton. GUNNAR matched each $5 donation and delivered 100% of the proceeds to OSD to support their award-winning veteran program the Veteran Support Ecosystem™ which has impacted over one million veterans, active military, and their families since 2010.


GUNNAR Optiks founded the gaming eyewear market in 2007 which still to this day continues to remain a fairly small space. A patented lens technology that reduces digital eye strain, blocks blue light, prevents dry eyes, minimizes glare, and helps you sleep is the main selling point for GUNNAR products. Designed for casual gamers all the way up to Esports professional and even your daily desk job environments.


The Pendleton marketed as a stylish military-inspired design, featuring a high-quality stainless-steel frame that is available in a Slate or Moss color. It features the amber lens which blocks 65% of blue light emitted from digital devices. If you have had a chance to sample gaming eyewear at trade shows you will agree its really hard to dispute the quality of GUNNAR frames. We chose the Slate color which is basically a matte black finish. I work and play on my battle station so my hours can reach 11 plus on weekdays. Weighing only 33 grams the Pendleton is fit for long hours of gaming or working on your PC. I did not encounter any headaches or temple strains while testing them with a headset on or off. Due to a lightweight stainless-steel design, the temples are very flexible and allow for a comfortable fit, I didn’t feel any pressure on the sides of my head. A wide frame is the main contributor to the comfort factor however it also allows for a really wide viewing field. GUNNAR has 4 different types of lenses which vary in blue light blocking performance and color a clear at 35%, Amber at 65%, Sun at 90%, and Amber Max at 98%. The Pendleton features the Amber lens which does add a yellowish tint to your gaming experience. Until we have technology good enough to block 65% or more blue light in a clear lens you need to make a choice between eye safety or a little extra tint of yellow.


Stylistically these are not glasses I would wear outside as a lifestyle fashion piece. Sporting a pair of Pendletons on a live stream, however, looks legit. I think it all breaks down to personal preference however these glasses give more of a function over fashion type vibe. Gamer fashion while gaming looks much different then gamer fashion while at a convention. I would also prefer sun or clear lenses for a daily lifestyle frame over the amber. While gaming or in a live streaming setting the Slate color has a tech vibe I think that goes great with your headset. It just fits in that scheme of technology and gaming fashion. Included with the purchase you get a microfiber pouch, add $5 and receive a custom patriotic case which both look stellar! I think the case makes a really nice addition to your battle station but also if used correctly keeps your glasses clean and in tip-top condition.


Personally, I would like to see these priced around the $49 – $59 area but hey you can’t put a price on your eyes I guess, right? Blue light is very dangerous when looking directly at it for long hours. I think every gamer should wear some type of eye protection. Even casual gamers can have sessions over 6 hours on occasion. GUNNAR Optiks has a variety of styles that feature the same lens technology. I am sure you can find a frame that would also be comfortable as a daily lifestyle piece. Eyewear is all about personal preference, but one thing is for certain, protect yourself. A limited amount of Pendleton frames are still available at this time.

The Pendleton limited addition frames are a lightweight military-inspired design that is also available in prescription. They feature the GUNNAR Optiks patent Amber lens technology which block 65% of harmful blue light. They scream function over fashion which schemes really well with gamer style and technology look. Price point seems a bit high but can you really put a price on your eyes?
  • Quality built
  • Super lightweight you can barely feel them on your head
  • Wide frame and flexible temples allow comfortable fit
  • Block 65% of bluelight
  • They add a yellowish tint
  • Priced a little high
  • Not an everyday lifestyle frame
Design - 8
Quality - 9
Performance - 8
Style - 7
Price - 7
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